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Recently I bought a second hand Matiz 2000 Model for a price of one lakh.(in Oct 08)I want to service the Car which is the best service centre in Bangalore as Matiz does'nt have company authorised service centre as it is closed long time back. Also is it worth to fit with Power stiring and power windows and I am confused where to get it assembled of the same. Please help.
By Shyamsundar Joshi 12 December 2008

Hi Shyamsundar Joshi,

Good Day!

Sorry to say, you bought a 2000 Model Matiz in Oct 2008 for 1 Lakh rupees... bit expensive. Every car have 10% depreciation every year. Maiz in the year 2000 was for 3.5lakh. So your Matiz actual prize was 60000 - 70000rupees.

Don't waste money for switching to Power Steering - Matiz is small car and it's manual steering feels like power steering, unless you are very weak and don't have power to turn the vehicle. Power windows are of no use for small car. It just drains your pocket and battery life.

Unless you are hard headed and have decided to change your car steering to Pwr steering & Pwr windows - than go ahead.

I can share an advice - that's just my personal view and it hope you can re-think a bit.

power steering cost - 10000 to 20000 rupees
power windows cost - 5000 - 10000rupees.
Total cost approx - 25000 rupees.

Sell of your Matiz 2000 model and save 25000rupees for upcoming upgrading i.e 125000 INR.

Buy yourself - Santro or Zen 2003 model for 13000rupees fully loaded with Pwr steering, windows, mp3 etc.

Zen : is best purchase for it power and long life engine, mileage.
Santro: for wide interior space, comfortable and engine.

In near future Matiz will have no resale value aswell.

Think again and make-up your mind. How long you are planning to keep your car, when will you buy you next car etc.

If i was you... i will go for Zen, i had it many years. But now i changed to Accent.



Answer by Pradeep 12 December 2008
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