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i want to buy cheverlot aveo 1.6 Lt, my average running per week is 50 km is it advisivable to take that one or 1.4Lt or verna.anoterthing what about servicing of cherverlotcars and fate of general motars cars in india ( ie spare parts)
By Dr G UMA 12 December 2008

I would suggest to go for the Verna 1.6. It is a proven product, good ride and handling and also has a wide dealer network. Spare part availability after sales support is never an issue.

About, Chevrolet aveo there has been reports that the after sales service of GM is poor. Also the gear box of the aveo is notchy and the car is overall not a drivers car. GM is currently offering a huge discusount on the AVEO. SO it might be worth checking for...The 1.4 will give you better fuel efficiency but you will need to compromise on power.

Answer by Daryl 12 December 2008

With the kind of mileage you do per week I think the best car for you will be the SX4 ZXi,otherwise the chevy aveo 1.6 LT is an excellent car,it is also a proven product and chevrolet has an excellent maintainence package in which you do not have to pay even the labor charges on service for the first 3 years,and the aveo is as good as the verna if not better so if you like the aveo go in for it,you will love it.Happy Driving...

Answer by Rohit 12 December 2008
Expert`s comment:

The advantages of Aveo is its decent fuel economy and lower cost of maintenance .disadvantage is of its not so responsive engine and gearbox compared to Verna.Verna has better performance in petrol version and best performance in Diesel version disadvantage is of not so impressive body style. In overall Verna makes better option than Aveo .
As for as servicing of chevrolet cars is concerned ,Servicing is not a problem w as good number of service centers are available and spares too.The quality of parts is good and need not worry about maintenance .

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2008

Dear if you are willing to buy a luxarious car with fuel & service efficency than go for aveo its excellent one and if you want to purchase a 1 year old car please contact me , i am using chevy aveo 1.4 i am getting trnsfered to australia so i want to sell it out .my no is 09830290592.

Answer by Anindita Chatterjee 12 December 2008

Mr. "EXPERT" the person wants your opinion on the aveo and not on the optra which for your info is in a separate class and budget altogether...

Answer by Rohit 12 December 2008
Expert`s comment:

Mr Rohit ,
Thank you for your feedback.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2008
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