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Please advise me to go for LPG for my Maruti 800(A/C-2007)My average running per week is 100km If so, which brand of kit I can choose?
By Selvam 11 November 2008

Lovato is the good brand for LPG as well as in CNG kit. I would like to suggest cng kit. I have used both LPG & CNG kit. CNG kit is expensive but running cost is less as cng is cheap. Lpg will cost you 3-3.5 rs/km while cng will cost 1-1.25 rs/km. Cosidering run of 500km/month you will save 1000 rs. more in CNG as compared to LPG. Cng kit will cost you 35,000-40,000 rs. & lpg at 20,000 rs.

Answer by Dr Ketan Jinwala 11 November 2008

i think u should not tamper ur car for so less running,it wont be profitable for u,resale value of gas converted car is less so think ten times,

Answer by DEEPAK 11 November 2008

Dear Salvam,
As you have mentioned that your running is only 100 KM per week so you should not go for LPG. If you will invest 35K to 40K and save Rs 1000 Per Month as mentioned above then your pay back time will be three years. SO dear think ten times before doing so.9979893284

Answer by Manjeet Singh 11 November 2008

As advised by others with a paltry running of 100 km per week it is not advisable to convert to lpg,and tamper with the vehicle .Please dont do it.

Answer by Dr Padmanabhan 11 November 2008

Mr. selvam it is not worth converting your car to LPG or CNG as you have mentioned that your running is 100 Km per week. Still if you want to go for LPG or CNG go for LOVATO Kit Only because LOVATO KIT is Easy to maintain, easy to service/repair, Spare parts also cheap.

Answer by Sriram 11 November 2008
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