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Dear sir, I am planning to buy a used bike, splendor blk, 1997 model with my friend. he is asking me to pay 22,000. Is it worth.

By Kumar Hullathi on Nov 9, 2007


  • Global motors calcutta is planing to launch a new bik ofr 19900 in january so all the base model bikes will be repriced by jan so psl wait till then to get a new bike in 20k
    Answer by Liv Vasudevan on Nov 9, 2007

  • 1997 splendor not more than 16 to 18000 depending on condition of bike
    Answer by Amar on Nov 9, 2007

  • No buddy, a 97 splendor is not worth that much..try bargaining for around 15k..

    Answer by Raktim Baruah on Nov 9, 2007

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