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I am planning to buy a compact sedan. I usually travel 60 to 80 km daily. I need your expert comparative analysis and suggestion about suitability of Maruti Suizuki Dezire/Tata Indigo CS/Mahindra Logan/equivalent in my case. Thanks
By DR TAPAN MUKHERJEE 11 November 2008

Considering your daily run, you should surely got for a Diesel Car.
Maruti: The Sift is amazing in Diesel. The waiting period for Dzire Diesel is 3 months minimum, so its up to you to decide if you want to wait that long.
TATA: Tata is good in diesle but the build quality is not that good. after 2- 2 1/2 years you will start getting small irritants in side the car, doors making noise, power windows a issue, rubber of the glass getting worn out etc.. These teething problems irritate you to no end.

Logan: Its a amazing car fantastic mileage, but again the build quality suffers. Too much of cheap plastic used inside the car. Two big black springs pull the bonnet , looks so gross.

If budget is not a issue, go for the Skoda. Its amazing, good fuel efficiency, fantastic build quality as well. Ford Fiesta is also rocking , great Pick Up and good interiors as well.

Hyundai Verna Diesel Rocks.

Answer by Ash 11 November 2008

Dzire Diesel is your best bet. You should go for diesel only as you have a good running every day. You can also go for Logan its a good car but not as good as Dzire. If Indigo had the FIAT diesel engine then that would also be an option but not now. You could also go for skoda FABIA its a sedan hidden in a compact car. ALSO FUSION is a fabulous car. I have one in petrol you could buy in diesel. Its very punchy, mini SUV kind, good quality but low resale value.

Answer by Himanshu 11 November 2008
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