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i had booked the car skoda octavia but i have question that i have take the delievery of car now or postpond for short period due to slack period in automobiles. due to this after short period can i get the benefit of price down in short perod
By PANKAJ 11 November 2008
Answers: need to wiat for period. go on and own it asap.

Answer by Abdul 11 November 2008

Well Pankaj as a matter of right you can't claim,booking means you were agreed at that time current price.

Answer by Raghvendera Sharma 11 November 2008

Pankaj u could have cancelled your booking and again book on today's price was the only way out to take benifit that too calculating diffrence in price.but now injoy your ride its really butyful car.

Answer by Raghvendera Sharma 11 November 2008

Pankaj, in my opinion, cancel the booking and wait to buy in d new year. By then surely, car prices are going to drop.Till such time, make an FD of the amount u were to pay them and earn intrest. Believe me, this is d most honest advice anyone could have ever given u, buddy.

Answer by Rajesh Narula 11 November 2008

Hi Pankaj,

I don't think Skoda has any waiting period. Instead of keeping money with dealer, cancel the booking and keep cash with you. Once the prices started falling down again buy it. I don't think there will be heavy cancellation charges.

sandip k

Answer by Sandip S Kadtane 11 November 2008
Expert`s comment:

So far the prices of automobiles has not come down due to economy slow down .Considering that Skoda is a luxury segment car , the chances of fall in price is very less and even if falls it will not be much .As you have already booked the car ,You can go ahead and buy the car of your choice.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2008
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