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I want to buy a 150cc bike,I already have Honda Unicorn. I have selected Apache 160 RTR,Apache 160Fi, Hunk, Pulsar and FZ16. Can anyone tell me which is the best amoung this in terms of performance, low mantainence and mileage because my daily running is more than 75 Kms.

By Darshan Godbole on Nov 13, 2008


  • go for fz16 among these bike this bike has a great power, muskular body and the great engize of yamaha so take a test ride of fz16 .
    Answer by Amit on Nov 14, 2008

  • i advise don't go for Apache 160 rtr. I am impressed with its performance and maintenance cost but its rear brake is only to slow the vehicle. I am sharing this info bcz i am using it and i think Apache fz16 has rear disk brake. If it is then this is a good option.
    Answer by Inder on Nov 14, 2008

  • Go for fz16 Coz it have everything best in its class.
    Answer by Arvind on Nov 14, 2008

  • Expert Hi,
    FZ16 will make a best option for its upgraded engine, attractive sport styling and mileage around 50KMPL
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Nov 14, 2008

  • The rtr 160 fi..
    Answer by Sid on Nov 14, 2008

  • wait for 2 to 3 months, you will get much better options
    Answer by Robert on Nov 14, 2008

  • there is no any diffrence in HUNK AND UNICON.both r one.and rtr 160 and rtr fi is also one in execpt design.fz is latest stylish bikes for yongester and slim body man. pulsar all models r deside fz and pulsar. if u r below 30 years test the yamah thrills. yamah means quality,stylish,stability,and much more for those who know biking. pulsar also good in all standard
    Answer by Gautam Jain Chennai on Nov 14, 2008

  • fz16 is good

    Answer by Het on Nov 15, 2008

  • fz16 is best
    Answer by Seena on Nov 15, 2008

  • Hi Darshan,

    For mileage & Power - Pulsar & Apache
    For Power & looks - Yamaha FZ
    I think I have made it easy for you to decide.
    Hunk not worth considering
    Answer by Shadab on Nov 17, 2008

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