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i am confused- wheather to buy 'sx4' or " new honda city " since feature wise sx4 is one step ahed then new honda city but brand wise honda is no. one - according to automobie market . please suggest me - thanks - dr anand verma
By Dr Anand Verma 11 November 2008
Expert`s comment:

You are perfectly correct in mentioning basic comparision of SX4 and New City.The advantage of SX4 is of Price , features and more power. Advantage of New city is its High reliable engine, good interiors, External body style , mileage.Logically SX4 makes a good choice as what it offers matches with what it costs.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 11 November 2008

old City is also avaliable , have better milage and much smooth Drive with 50% more milage.

Answer by Anand 11 November 2008

SX4 is the car for you, it is got power space and overall is a great package. SX4 is being sold in North America where as City is designed for Asian countries. If you have the budget go for SX4.

Answer by Ismail 11 November 2008


Answer by DEEPAK PUNE 11 November 2008

only honda city becoz sx-4 have no re-sale value in the market and honda,s look is too good,sx-4 is not for you.

Answer by Raman 11 November 2008

no compareason, go for honda without second thaught, bcoz milage of honda will be 14+ but SX4 will not give beyond 9 or 10 + market goodwill of Honda

Answer by Ravi Pareek 11 November 2008

I still will stick to SX4 it is priced less than the city if your looking for honda it is good if you go for the civic than the city. Any day the service reliability of maruti is better proven as I have seen in the Indian market nearly all the foreign companies never launch the top of the line products and even if they do they will scale lot of things which they will not do when they are selling in EU and N.America- Only Hyundai lately has launched i10 here in india first.
So all the best read what everybody writes and go with the car what your heart says.

Answer by Ismail 11 November 2008
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