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my budget is up to 6 lakhs. i have shortlisted the Swift-DZIRE and the new Hyundai Accent as i want a sedan. fuel efficiency does not bother. which is a better option?

By Kaushik on Oct 27, 2008


  • Do you want to be respected after buying a car? Do you want to enjoy drivin your car? Do you want amazing performance? Do want a trustable and reliable car?

    Why look at the ugly maruthi? The swift Dzire is nothing but a tortured and stretched hatchback.. Im telling you this as i owned the piece of dirt called "DZIRE" for a week.. It sickened me till my tummy...
    Answer by Sid on Oct 27, 2008

  • Go in for the Swift dezire, no comaparison to accent. Dezire beeter both in space, efficiency as well as responsiveness
    Answer by Vivek Chawla on Oct 27, 2008

  • go for swift than swift dezire
    Answer by Gopuhimesh on Oct 27, 2008

  • Close your eyes & go for Hyundai Accent. Its class apart. The Swift is better than the Dzire.
    Answer by Anindya on Oct 27, 2008

  • Frnd whether u take a swiftdzire or accent go for safety & features. In 6lac budget u will gng to get top accent model or a base dzire model. Its upto u tht u want a top end model vid a petrol or a base model vid diesel
    Answer by Siddharth on Oct 27, 2008

  • go for swift Desire Accent is old model & in phased out phase in hyundai.
    Answer by Kl Khumba on Oct 28, 2008

  • hundai accent is best than swift dzire.dzire back sead is waste.hundai is best.
    Answer by Sundar on Oct 29, 2008

  • Expert Hi,
    Hyundai accent new will be better choice .Please test drive both cars.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Oct 29, 2008

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