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I am a physically handicapped person with right leg polio but was driving modified FIAT, NE118 and then normal Esteem Automatic for almost 30 years. I have strongly felt while struggling to remain mobile in the midst of heavy traffic that NONE OF THE BIGWIGS IN CAR BUSINESS HAS EVER TRIED TO DO ANY RESEARCH TO FACILITATE THIS SECTOR OF THE SOCIETY. Even government agencies like RTO, Excise and Licensing authorities have been very apathetic to these people. Can any one take up this issue at appropriate level and make things easy for them?

By Kaushik on Aug 11, 2011


  • Maruti has some models specially designed for the challenged. These are made to order please get in touch with the nearest showroom for more details.
    Answer by Venkateshwaran on Aug 11, 2011

  • Expert Hi,
    In almost all cars suitable modifications can be made as required.Generally considering number of possible buyers manufactureres would have not takenmuch initiaive. Its indeed a goood and much required idea.We wil give the feedback to manufacturers about the same.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Aug 11, 2011

  • Maruti used to sell Zen with an automatic transmission and foot/hand controls till about 2003. I have one such car Not sure if they are still doing it with any of their models. I think only A-Star is automatic right. Other automatic cars can be retro-fitted with custom made controls but the fit, finish, quality and the functionality leave a lot to be desired. I have a an automatic Santro that has retro-fitted hand controls.
    Answer by Himanshu Mehta on Aug 12, 2011

  • I am paralysis rights hand and leg (megstlysis).The automatical car????
    Answer by Kapil Bhatnagar on Sep 6, 2016

  • I paralysis rights hand and leg .The auto gear celerio.please please
    Answer by Kapil Bhatnagar on Sep 6, 2016

  • I own a maruti celerio vxi auto gear shift car. But ARTO denied to DL on this car. He asks me to make alter by M/S Galaxy bangalore.
    Answer by Ramesh GP on Oct 24, 2016

  • Hay

    I am handicap person and want to buy AMT car so pls suggest which car is best for me in range of 3 to 5 L.
    Answer by Sarvesh Kumar on Nov 3, 2016

  • I am handicap person and want to buy AMT car so pls suggest which car is best for me in range of 1 to 2.5 L
    Answer by Ravi on Jan 18, 2017

  • Hello sir i am physical challenge man my right leg is polio so can i drive a car if then which car will be suitable for me and how can i. You can mail me
    Answer by GAUTAM ROY on Feb 11, 2017

    CELL NO : 9789105593
    Answer by KALAI MOHAN on Apr 4, 2018

  • Hi sir I want car I have leg pilo with right leg n both hand IL do drive in 1-2L
    Answer by Pallapu Raju on Jul 1, 2018

  • Indeed a very true comment. I am driving Zen automatic wonderfully fitted hand controls by Maruti in 2004, which has made me mobile. But now I am in need of replacement due its normal wear and tear but neither Maruti nor any other Manufacturer is making such cars which is really astonishing. Instead of giving improvise Models the Marut which is a Govt Owned company, has stopped making such cars. Moreover the Government also does not pressurise them. Like we have reservation quota in Education Instititute or Govt service , the Govt should make compulsory some percentage of manufacuring cars for the physically challenged..By enacting the Act for Differently abled will not solve the purpose unless its implementation is made mandatory.
    Answer by CA Rakesh Madan on Aug 22, 2018

  • I am karthik and i am a physically handicapeed right leg polio and wanted to buy a AMT small catch back car aroung 5 lakh. please suggest a good car
    Answer by Karthick on Dec 2, 2018

  • I am a physically handicapped right leg polio,please ..wanted to buy a ATM small car,please suggest.
    Answer by Kakoli on Mar 21, 2019

  • I am handicapped person one leg I need handicapped car
    Answer by Irfan Ahmad Bhat on Mar 26, 2019

  • Hi,
    I am handicapped person right leg and have purchased celerio AMT and came to know about hand controls, before making adjustments to my car, I would like to have pratice in alreaady made hand control amt celerio car. If anybody in Hyderabad is ready to provide practice , I am ready to pay for the driving classes. Kindly contact me on ram.brightvision at
    Answer by Ram on Mar 29, 2019

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