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Dear Sir, please let me in detail know why the petrol engine is superior to the diesel engine. What is the minimum milage required per day for the diesel engine to keep the same functioning in good condition. Regards Irfan Bandukwala
By IRFAN BANDUKWALA 10 October 2008
Expert`s comment:

It can not be said petrol engine is superior than diesel as both have advantages and disadvantages,
Advantage of Petrol car is that power is developed faster, engine and components is cheaper combined with efficiency per unit quantity. But petrol engine can not be used for high pay load vehicles because of light build and and cost of fuel. Advantage of Diesel car is that calorific value of fuel is more , it can be used for heavy engines .Even though initial cost and maintenance are costlier , in long run it will be cheaper.
For both type of engines it wil be good enough to run 15 to 30 min per day to keep in good running condition along with service at regular intervals.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2008
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