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can anyone tell me how to fill LPG in maruti 800 duo from domestic LPG cylinder at home
By Dr Nisar Ali 10 October 2008

Dear Dr. Nisar ali, why do you want to take a risk. When you are saving 35 % by using LPG instead of Petrol thn why you want to safe more at the risk of your life? Filling by LPG cylinder is fatal to life even though many pumps are available illegally in market

Answer by Nishant 10 October 2008
Expert`s comment:

For refilling LPG you need special equipments to avoid any leakage, its possible with the equipments designed for the purpose.Its too dangerous to try at home.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2008

Illegal. Don't think.

Answer by Raja Reddy 10 October 2008

Illegal. Don't think. pl avoid LPG pl

Answer by Balaji 10 October 2008

filling lpg from home cylinder will done through a pump available in market,but transfring lpg from home cylinder to car is very much risky and illegal also.Therefore you advised fill lpg in your car from authorised filling statation only.

Answer by S K Manocha 10 October 2008

sir,pl think before filling ,it is dangers to filling self as the LAW AND LIVES. this may compare with suside with family for a few savings.

Answer by Gautam Jain Chennai 10 October 2008

Try CNG insted of LPG more cheaper

Answer by Prakash 10 October 2008

may u dont care ur family .... but we have... so dont use any equipment ....only go to authorised station....take care..

Answer by Yogesh 01 January 2013
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