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Hi, I am planning to buy a new car in the budget of 3-4 lacs, could you tell me which is the best. Thanks.

By Sandeep on Oct 14, 2008


  • Hi Sandeep, you go for Maruthi Car, with company LPG its very best in maintenance and life.
    Answer by Girish N on Oct 15, 2008

  • hi sandeep u go for tata indigo cs. it will give u good boot space n in price of small car u will getting mid size car.
    performance is good. Now tata has introduced LX n GLX models. just spend slightly above 4 lacs n go for deisel. u will not repent.
    Answer by Sidharth on Oct 15, 2008

  • Expert Hi,
    Tata Indigo CS must be given top priority for the utility and value for money.If going for petrol car Spark is the best option in the cars available in market because of its Cheaper price combined with cute looks and great warranty.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Oct 15, 2008

  • i would suggest u to please don't look here and there and visit Maruti Authorised showroom and get booked Wagon R. This is the best car available in indian market taking into considerastion the following:
    Its maintenance cost which is zero
    Fuel efficiency - 16+ average
    spare parts - very very cheap like 2 wheeler
    pick up - cut above the rest
    AC - in comparable
    Good height: keep u away from pollution
    price : no other car manufacturer provide u better value than maruti.
    Answer by Kamlesh Mohan on Oct 15, 2008

  • hi u can purchase a chevrolet optra & can fit cng also if u r in delhi /ncr even sttus symbol wise it is also good. i know 1 optra wchich is 4 sale if u will interested 1 can refer u the no. also
    Answer by Ajay on Oct 15, 2008

  • in the new car segment i would suggest u test drive the spark LT and the santro GLS and take your pick out of the 2 as they are currently the best cars in the segment.alternatively another car that you can consider is the palio 1.1 top model which size wise is in the segment of a Skoda Fabia and is beautiful to drive and easy to maintain since it is so solid that you don't need to worry about what roads you are driving upon unlike the other 2 which are pretty is as fuel efficent as the other two.I am telling this coz I own one for the past 4 years and have never faced any major issues with the car,but take a test drive properly and then decide.
    If you don't mind a used car the you can consider a Baleno,Ikon or an Accent (3-4 year old cars)don't look at the Optra coz even though you may get it for cheap,it will be expensive to maintain (my uncle owns a 2004 model optra and had to spend about 50,000 rupees recently on 'regular' maintainence recently at the 60,000 kms mark)
    All in All take a thorough test drive with your family before deciding upon any car.
    Answer by Rohit on Oct 15, 2008

  • First u have decide to go for diesel or petrol.
    It pepends upon use if u have total run more than 80 kms/day then u can go for Diesel one if not then petrol car will be suited to u.In petrol u have so much choice mainly u can go for Maruti wagon r ,santro xing, chevorlet spark or swift also for some more money.In diesel indica is available in various varients.

    Answer by Anshuman Mishra on Oct 15, 2008

  • Spark is the best choice for you.
    Answer by Renu on Oct 15, 2008

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