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I have wagor R duo 2008, whenever i switch from LPG to Petrol, while the vehicle in neutral, the engine is turning off. this wasnt happend earlier, is this is normal or any suggestion to overcome this problem..
By SURESH 06 June 2011

When you switch from LPG to Petrol the engine should not turn off. Either Petrol may not be sufficient in the fuel tank. or. You have mentioned as if this happens only when the car is in Neutral idling. That means while in running in gears if you switch to Petrol I think your car will not turn off (as it is in gears) but it will take one or two seconds to get fired by petrol and it will move with a jerk. If it is so the problem may be in the selonoid valve in the gas kit (vapouriser) It may be obstructed with dust particles and may not comletely close the gas while you switch to petrol. So gas and petrol combines and make the engine turn off. There will be a valve in the gas tank also. That will close the gas and the gas in between the tank and vapouriser should get empty and then only your engine fires the petrol. That is why while you are driving the vehicle pushes away the in between gas and the starts to run in petrol with a jerk in few seconds. If the problem is this just simply clean the selonoid valve in the Vapouriser by flushing the gas after removing the valve.

If you want to confirm whether this is the problem, While your vehicle is running in Neutral idling in LPG, if the wire coming to the selonoid valve on the vapouriser is pulled out, the engine should turn off immediately. If it is still running means the valve is not closing the gas completely. Then you should clean the valve.

Answer by JOTHIBASU 06 June 2011

If you want any clarification in my Answer pl. call me 9443210966

Answer by JOTHIBASU 06 June 2011
Expert`s comment:

The problemcould be with the solenoid.Please get the same checked.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2011

Mr. JothiBasu, Thanks for your answer on my question, I am confident that Maruti Wagonr Duo is not desinged in a way that i mentioned in my question, but to my surprise, when i gave my car for serivice to maruti showroom, they told that wagon R duo desinged like this. i was shocked and challenged them thats not the case. I am not sure where to go and whom to approach for my problem to fix.

Answer by SURESH PADMANABHAN 06 June 2011

the same problem happens to me while driving. whenever i slowdown the vehicle in gas mode. the engine turns OFF. i am really tired with this now.

Answer by Vinodh 07 July 2011

My Wagnor Duo new model purchased in 2013 has similar problem i.e. engine stops while switching from petrol to LPG. In touch with Maruti and authorized service center where I service my car, but got reply that have to change lpg regulator costing more than 28000 .....which is very disappointing and i doubt that they have correctly detected issue.....anybody have got solution from any expert service center for this company fitted lpg kit problem ..pls help

Answer by Atul 05 May 2017

Hello Mr Atul, I read your post about vehicle getting turned off while switching from petrol to lpg. I have a similar problem in my wagon r. Please suggest a solution with app cost

Answer by Shinod 10 October 2019

Hello friends, I have the same issue in my 2008 wagon R Duo model.
I also want to ask one question in this forum do you guys have changed your gas LPR kit any time because I can sm

Answer by Kamal 02 February 2021

Sir my wagnor 2010 model when turn into petrol to lpg it will turn off on speed brakers and village roads

Answer by Vpr 04 April 2021
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