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please let me know if Toyota plans to bring in an upgraded mpv like the Previa (automatic ) in the Indian competetive market. Toyota /Kirloskars have earned enough name and fame with the Qualis and the Innova. Before they get branded as ONLY the TAXI MAKERS, its high time the company wakes up and comes up with an International brand like PICNIC or PREVIA and retains their NO.ONE position in the Auto world. If Toyota can offer these models in third world countries where their market value is not even 1/100 of India than why not India ?

By Mohan on Oct 12, 2008


  • Expert Hi,
    Your idea is genuine and worth implementing .But Toyota for the time being aiming at improving market in Sedan segments .Innova will be continued for few more years before introducing other SUV .
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Oct 13, 2008

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