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Dear Sir, I have a santro xing,which I bought last year.It has completed 10000 kms.Last week its differential got locked ,it got jammed on road,it was towed and taken to your Hyundai authorized workshop,they have changed the differential and are also changing the all gears. I was surprised by problem in differential mechanism,whereas the car as done only 10000 kms that also in city (Jaipur).and it is kept in very good condition,timely serviced and well drived. I am myself is an mechanical engineer and I doubt that the gear box repaired will perform effeciantely compared to fitted and assembled on line .The workshop can not have the facilities for testing and fitting as their in factory line. I want the assembled gear box with differential to be provide from factory.The car is under warranty. ADVICE The car is still under the garage. Please reply soon. Rajeev Solanki E-Mail :

By Rajeev Solanki on Oct 3, 2007


  • Expert The main causes for lock up of Transmission /Transaxile are .A mis adjustment or damage in gearshift linkage or Low lubricant level can also cause needle bearings, gears and synchronizers to seize and lock up. If problem is not resolved here ,Transmission/Transaxile has to be removed from vehicle and disassembled .and inspected for internal counter gear, clutch shaft, reverse idler,shift rails, shift forks and springs for damage. In all autorised service centers they will take all precautions and correct procedures for assembling of Differential . However as your vehicle is still under warranty its always to better claim it under warranty for better performance and Mainly customer satisfaction.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Sep 13, 2008

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