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'm trying to decide on a new car for the office commute...small (for parking) and cheap (since it's use will be basically utilitarian). My main requirement is QUALITY (read -- ABILITY to LOWER temperature) of airconditioning. I'm the kind of person who needs to be really chilled at all times. Note: I'm thinking of the Alto LXI. However, going through all the reviews, I keep getting the comment that the 'power drops drastically with the A/C on". What I would like to know is... how does it cool (i.e., does it really chill?). Power dropping when the A/C's on is not really very important, since I'm not planning to do any performance tricks on the road; I don't mind slowing down into the slow lane, as long as the A/C's cooling effect is not diminished. I use to own a Matiz, and the A/C in that car really chilled, even though the pickup tanked when the A/C was on. This didn't bother me (I would gladly give up pickup in exchange for good A/C cooling ability.) So -- can I expect the same from the Alto LXI? Does the A/C have the ability to drop the temperature inside the car (irrespective of whether it slows down so that a rickshaw can overtake it)? Any help appreciated. Thanks
By Rkr3 10 October 2008


Answer by BOSCO LAWARENCE 10 October 2008
Expert`s comment:

For your requirments Santro is best.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 10 October 2008

dam bad of alto it has too many drowbacks in it ac gets the down power .... u go for Icon if u realy wana chill N santro too both r good 4 u ....... don't go 4 alto it sucked

Answer by Nilesh 10 October 2008
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