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Sir i hv a sonata GLS,thyR z a problem i cnt understand,if i switch on AC or headlights,thn suddenly my car light dim & car speed slow down,thn engine stop,thn bettry also down,wht z the problem i cnt understand,plz sir help car z my leg bcoz im physically handicap,i cnt walk properly,so sir plz help me,

By Omprakash on Oct 8, 2008


  • Your car got some electric proplem with self motor, may be some short circuit. get electrical circuit checked properly by an authorised technetian. it will be solved. good luck and Drive Safe
    Answer by Akshat on Oct 8, 2008

  • There seems to be an alternator issue. Does the Battery light blink in the car even after the car is switched on?
    Answer by Vinit on Oct 8, 2008

  • usally it will be alternater problem

    Answer by Raju on Oct 8, 2008

  • Expert Hi,
    There seems to be problem in charging and storage capacity of of battery .Plz have Battery and thorough inspection of ECU and wiring connections are to be done for finding exact fault.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Oct 9, 2008

  • hi,well , i don't think its the problem with the alternator, coz i'm sure you are smart enough to identify the indication on the dash could be the fault of the ECU. because you mentioned that the pick up of the car is dropping on switching on the a/c.a car like sonata drives with multiple sensors.and these sensors are know to malfunction giving various un-explained faults.
    you didn't mention about the version , petrol or diesel ? i suggest you take the car to the dealer ,where they have the software to read errors in the ECU. these findings will also indicate if there is leakage of elec.currents from the system. this should solve your problem.
    Answer by Munaf Patel on Oct 9, 2008

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