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actually i want to buy a superbike for myself. and i am confused between yamaha r1 and cbr 600 rr.And there is no other source of information except magazines.and i want to know about these bikes in detail.and will it be comfortable to drive on surat road conditions.and most important wat will be thier price?

By Sameer on Sep 27, 2007


  • Expert In overall Yamaha R1 ,is Better by far tan CBR 600 RR. You can refer to website of amaha and hondabikes for more details about specifications. Theses bikes wll be most suitable if you are using for Long drives Cost of Yamaha R1 is around 11500 $ .
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Sep 13, 2008

  • India prices differ because you might need to shell out more for importing it. The On road cost of the bike would come up to 14 Lakhs, cbr600 is a smaller engine as compared to the 1000cc YZF R1. So for Indian road conditions, a 600cc bike would suffice as you might not be able to utilize the compete power of the engine if you buy a 1000cc. So spending that much to attract attention and have a bling factor has its own advantages and disadvantages. Road conditions in India do not provide breathing space for heavy and powerful vehicles. Moreover, coming back to the Price aspect, 600ccs are not produced in India but you need to catch hold of a dealer who specialises in Importing Bikes. Comfort factors would be minimum on any of the sport bikes, given Indian road conditions. Breaking hard from 250kmph to a standstill cuz of a dog or a cow would be often. So rather than shelling that much amount for something thats going to be risky and life threatening, invest it in smaller yet capable bikes. Rest is your choice.
    Answer by Arvind on Jan 31, 2013

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