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I purchased hyundai i10 magna . But the company fitted music system comes in sportz model is excellent . Can i purchase it separately from anywhere else and fit it into i10 Mange ?
By Daljeet 02 February 2011

The i10 Magna factory fitted music system, which I paid 15K, is faulty and there is no make mentioned on it. Who do I contact?

Answer by Kumar R 12 December 2014

You get lot of better options after market why you want to stick to i10 sports model music system. If you are very keen then speak to your dealer there will be many who may not go with the existing system in i10 sports.

Answer by Thinker 02 February 2011

I've i10 Sportz. The music system is good but then I'm really annoyed that it doesn't have a remote!!! I found out that Hyundai dealers sell a system for Magna variant, of SONY make and has a remote. Heard that it costs around 12000 and looks almost same as the one in Sportz. The system in Sportz is most probably from Kenwood and is supposedly better and costlier, but then it has a drawback I mentioned

Answer by Rakesh 02 February 2011

Go for Alpine or JBL you will get a very good effect and a decent music setup should cost you about 15K, ensure that you don't get pirated stuff because it is very hard to figure out the differences. I guess there are JBL authorised dealers you can check with them.

Answer by Prashant 02 February 2011

yes of course Hyundai sells similar music system which fits into i10 dashboard as original and its a good option. the cost is 9k something.i think it is a better option as compared to the products available in market

Answer by Rajneesh Kumar 02 February 2011
Expert`s comment:

You can go ahead with the same.It can be bought through accessories dept of dealer.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2011

If you want to go for look then Hyundai music system is the best for Magna . But if you want music quality then go for Sony. Also price will be less.

Answer by Tusar 07 July 2012

kidly suggest me music system for my new i10 similar to factory fitted music system of i10 sportz having bluetooth facility

Answer by Kailash 09 September 2012

hi...i have brand new i10 sports music system for at 9904411226

Answer by Ankur 02 February 2013

HI Ankur,
Please let me you have new i10 sports music system for sale.

Answer by Peter 04 April 2013

I have purchesd Grand i10 Magna, vehicle is quiet good and comport. But why accessories like music system, Seat cover, Mud guard, PVC mat are not available till date. I am eagerly waiting for the same.

Answer by Biluk 11 November 2013

I have booked my grand i10 magna(after a lot of confusion in choosing between magna and sportz) but as it doesn't come with a stock music system can you please suggest me one?

Answer by Binayak Roy 11 November 2013

Hi...guys i am going to take a new car bt iam confused which should i take grand i10 magna or swift plz suggest me.....

Answer by Shubham 12 December 2013

Hi... recently brought grand i10 magna(petrol)
I preferred Sony xplod wx-gt 88ui 2 din head unit which comes with remote n looks are decent. My speakers are jbl cs-6 sound out put is great with jbl speakers. Complete unit costs me 12k I am happy with my selection.

Answer by Raghu Ram P 03 March 2014

i10 sportz has factory fitted music system.I have technically fit on motherboard and facility availed remote system. But hyundai is not support me . I individual arrange it

Answer by Manoj 01 January 2015

I have purchased i10 sportz company fitted music system.In bhopal i search its remote.But not found in market.Every body suggest me it replace with new pioneer(with bluetooth facility ) and i also like it.After one year one person met me and he technicality fit one censor on its mother board .Now it became with remote for operation.Every body use my idea and install censor on motherboard it will be help to change channel by remote

Answer by Manoj 03 March 2015

Tata Nano would be better

Answer by Tukaram 06 June 2015

Go for Spotz model. The money that you will invest is worth on comparing with Magna model.
The music system is awesome and gives a decent sound quality when compared to after sales accessories that people fit. trust me rear parking sensors along with music system quality are worth investing along with other additional features compared to magna model.

Answer by Rohit 12 December 2015

I agree with Rohit,, go for Sportz instead of Magna,, the difference in cost is worth it.

Answer by Nishant Sharma 01 January 2016

Hai friends, I have bought a new i10 grand magna yesterday. I don't even know weather he has given at least speakers in doors. Plz reply me & suggest me a good audio system

Answer by Sarat 01 January 2016

Hello, i wish to buy a gud 2din stereo and 4 door speakers for my grand i10. Pls advise. No Amplifier but seeking good bass. Thats too a budget system.

Answer by Varun 01 January 2016

Go for BLAUPUNKT San Diego 530 with JBL speakers and rear camera. This head unit comes with in-built Bluetooth and navigation. Sound quality is decent. Think of connecting JBL subwoofer too. It will do the music blast :-)

Answer by Sandeep 03 March 2016

What is the cost involved Sandeep. I am based in Pune.

Answer by Anand 03 March 2016

can we use market remote with this player ... if any plzz tell.

Answer by Nitesh 04 April 2016

I bought an after market system for grand i10 magna ,similar to the sportz music system,the sound is everage,one problem im facing,i cant trace the wiring for the rear speakers.

Answer by Jamir 05 May 2016

I haves i10 Grand sports music system I will be sell this my contect no. 9728888181

Answer by Sandhu 05 May 2016

hello guys I am selling my hyundai i10 magna 1.2 kappa 2009 45 k kilometre run excellent vehicle in original paint non accident in hyderabad if interested so pls call me its urgent

Answer by Pavan 05 May 2016

What is your number ping me at 9908812825

Answer by Ramesh Pagidipalli 06 June 2016

Go for i20 instead of grand i10 and i20 looks very good.

Answer by Haroon Rather 08 August 2016

Contact me for company fitted grand i10 stereo which comes in asta .

Answer by Mayank 09 September 2016

I would like to buy hyundai grand i10 Asta company fitted music system. Please let me know, if someone has and is willing to sell it off or where can I buy in Delhi NCR...


Answer by Abhishek 03 March 2017

Please contact me at for selling hyundai grandi i10 asta company fitted music system

Answer by Abhishek 03 March 2017

Hi Abhishek
Have a company fitted unused music system of hyuandai asta grande i10 for sale. Bought the vehicle 3wks back and have upgraded to another system.
If interested kindly c

Answer by Dharmaraj Subramaniam 03 March 2017

Myself Ballal,
I have i10 grand sports , i am selling my i10 grand company fitted music system ,if anyone e interested please contact me on my mail id

Answer by Ballal 03 March 2017

Hi i am searching the music system for Hyundai i10 please let me if any body is selling...

Answer by Srinivas 03 March 2017

Hello ballal what is the cost

Answer by Ranjith Kumar 04 April 2017

i have bought hyundai i10 sportz 6month ago ... company offered a 2 din audio system with 4 speakers, its so nice... but dont have remote control... 9789662223 its my contact no

Answer by Siva 05 May 2017

i have bought hyundai i10 sportz 6month ago ... company offered a 2 din audio system with 4 speakers, its so nice... but dont have remote control... 9789662223 its my contact no

Answer by Siva 05 May 2017

i have bought hyundai i10 sportz 6month ago ... company offered a 2 din audio system with 4 speakers, its so nice... but dont have remote control... 9789662223 its my contact no

Answer by Siva 05 May 2017

Interested in buying grandi10 company fitted system in delhi...pls contact 9811428728

Answer by GAURAV JAIN 09 September 2017

hi i'm purchasing hyundai i10 magna and i have a query that do the magna version of i10 gets its speakers (not music player) fitted already.

Answer by Madjerry 09 September 2017

HI anyone selling i10 sportz music system, Pls upload in OLX.

Answer by Tilak 03 March 2018

HI anyone selling grand i10 music system, plz contact me 8861229228

Answer by Praveen 05 May 2018

looking for hyundai i10 2013 model company fitted music system

Answer by Daksh 08 August 2020

Hi looking for i10 magna company fitted music system.... Plz contact at 9012539786.

Answer by Naushad Ali 03 March 2021
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