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1. Kindly tell me if it is right to drive petrol cars in neutral gear after gaining a speed of 100 kms and again bringing to top gear after coming down to 80 kms or so in plain roads. 2. What is the rate of fuel consumption of petrol cars in idle condition ? Best wishes and seasons greeting.
By Pkshivajee 02 February 2011

At such top speed do not put the car in neutral or try to switch off the engine. The control of the car at the best with gears engaged and brakes well.
Fuel consumption at idle condition is what is provided by the manufacturer when new or your car service company after their mileage test.

Answer by Raghavendra 02 February 2011

This way of driving will put your life as well as others in risk where as fuel consumption remains same. it s only when you accelarate fuel consumption is high.

Answer by Manoj 02 February 2011

no any risk i do frequently

Answer by DR MANOJ KUMAR PANDEY 02 February 2011

not advisible..

Answer by Arun 02 February 2011
Expert`s comment:

When you leave the accelerator at 100 kmph, the fuel injection system automatically cuts of fuel supply to the engine. However When the car is in neutral, more fuel is being injected into the system. Taxi drivers often do it thinking that they are saving money, but actually the fuel efficiency reduces with such maneuveres.

Answer by Quraish 02 February 2011
Expert`s comment:

It by pressing the clutch itself you can disconnect the drive. It wont be wort trying tricks as mentioned.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2011

By puttin it in neutral you are freeing the engine and exponentially reducing control over the vehicle . Never "coast" at ANY speed if you can avoid it but certainly NEVER at high speeds . Imagine having a one tonne block of metal and fuel charging down a road .... with no control !
you are asking for a major mess up. Forget the mileage part of it where this is concerned - totally not worth your or anyone elses life

Answer by Nadir 02 February 2011

just by pressing clutch when on fifth gear also cuts fuel supply, hence saving bit fuel.
it is suggested that one should Not put car in neutral as one loses control on car and can cause severe damage in sudden cases.

Answer by Mantra 02 February 2011

instead of trying stupid nonpractical tricks better drive smoothly at a constant speed with a light foot on the accelerator and you would be saving the expected amount of fuel without damaging your and other people's cars.

Answer by Rajiv 02 February 2011

Hi every body. thanQ vm for such an overwhelming response. shall try 2 drive in the way you all suggested.

with best wishes.

Answer by Shivajeepk 02 February 2011
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