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dear sir, i want some real suggestion from you ... who ever read this msg........... i have fiat palio 2004 model 1900cc diesel engine .... ihave purchased this one as used car.. im second as the this engine as much problem....... but i want to know that.... my friend told me that he has find a mechanic who told him that he will overhaul the toyota diesel engine 1500cc with turbo.... this toyota diesel engine is sealed packed..... and will get this engine fitted in my car... so tell me is this a good idea to overhual the diesel engine in diesel car... and also imn may cars he has already ovehualed the engine...... soo plss reply me thst tis is good idea.. as mechanic also told me that initial engine was too much heavy .. but toyota is 1500cc so less weight... no need not to b worry about suspension........i ti will really work good or not???
By Gurpreet Singh 01 January 2011
Expert`s comment:

The fiat engine itself is very good and reliable the same canbe used for few more years.Fitting other engine though works out, the investment,time and related problems of fitting other engine can be avoided.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2011

hey don't do it, your car will become illegal and you can't even re sell it again, moreover an overhauled engine is not reliable for future performance, i think you might spend more than 50000 on it and i believe you can tune your car performance again with proper care and service done with spending less then doing such things, fiat cars require just extra care and with your effort for keeping your car fine will make your way for you and your fiat forever lively.

Answer by Mantra 02 February 2011

buddy u can do this as it is more trust worthy than the original one bcoz the spares of the org. engine dont come so much genuine and comparatively the repair of toyota is much less.

Answer by Gurpreet Khokhar 02 February 2011
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