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I am owning a Nano car since last 7 months...Intially I got gud mileage around 25km/ltr....Now it drastically went down almost 15 km.....which is really less when compare to what company offer 23km/lt...When I gave my car for second service they said only after second oil change that after 10,000km you will get the mileage what company offer....By the time I use this car for 10,000km I think for me better to scarp...Can anyone help me in this matter...what Tata Service Centre people is right about the mileage that I need to wait until 10,000km to get the mileage what company offer.
By Rahul 01 January 2011

U just make complaint to direct tatamotors through mail

Answer by Madhukar 01 January 2011

Dear Rahul,
First Congrats for having small Wonder(NANO).
You got mileage 25 km/l thats good.
and now you get 15 km/l. so u can start blemming on TATA MOTORS.....Why...?
you know there is many resons for Mileage...!i am trying to give some resons.....1) can u check fuel is properly filled in tank(proer quantity).
2)Proper Air pressure in Tyres.
3)Driving condition (In city or on Highways)
4)Driving Habits.
If you want to scrap your car then ur Fool.
i can challenge you that many of cars not give the mileage that company says.

Answer by Rambha 01 January 2011

I'll buy your if it were registered in tn... when u r scrapping it

Answer by Raj 01 January 2011

@ Rambha... every1 knows your gyan... R U the director of Nano project? Such a ugly bum u r.... Nano's engine used to blow up before they put it finally into the car.. though they have done a lot of improvement, it may be that the engine belongs to one of the first batch-line production. So Rahul just mail tata motors and seek help. I am sure they gonna respond and inspect your vehicle. Its a good company..thanks to Ratan Tata.

Answer by Sunny Ray 01 January 2011

I have a nano car and I happen run the car through every kind of test viz rough roads, very hot summer, drive in extreme rain through forest, hilly drive etc and speeds range from 40 to 90 kmph. You need to check fuel only a tank full to tank full. You will get mileage that promissed or above (some times 25 kmpl)only when run between 50 to 70 km and otherwise to a suitable gear. Pl. follow this and confirm the mileage yourself.

Answer by ASK 01 January 2011

Normally people get the optimum mileage after their services..but as u got 25kmpl..and now u get 15kmpl then make sure you are having the tank full as mentioned by others..dont go with the petrol pump guy when he says full..because it can accommodate another step out of yo car and check for full tank...
secondly it depends on your AC usage,driving conditions,your driving{like how much you pump the pedal} etc!!
So check this all of again and even then if you get a problem then you can consider checking with your dealer.

Answer by Asish Dash 01 January 2011

Hi, If he face that problem Tata will solve it.

Answer by ASKT 02 February 2011
Expert`s comment:

As the mileage got reduced to 15KMPL. There needs to be checked other factors like traffic conditions ,driving habits etc.

Best method is to get the mileage check done with help of authorised service executive by running for about 10 to 15KM in city conditions.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2011

Almost every where NANA behaves Stupid. And also the dealers in coimbatore are Hopeless . Plz dont touch NANo ,I think this Guy RAMBA is a sales executive at any Tata dealer....... you cannot even sell it as there will be No buyers for a used car. They cheat by mere advertisement.

Answer by GGG 02 February 2011
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