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Recently I have booked a Toyota Etios in a nearby show room. The delivery schedule given is in November. But, while booking they have not mentioned the present price, instead written as "at the time of delivery". is it alright?? otherwise, will they give the price higher than the present rate and even higher than the prevailing rate at that time. Actually, who will fix the price of the vehicle., i.e., either the Toyota or the seller(Retailer). In case of retailer, they can ask us to pay even higher than the prevailing rate and it will vary from person to person. Is my thinking correct?? How shall I take this. Should I approach the showroom to commit the present price in the order?? or there will not be a problem, as the price will be published by the Toyota India and there will be no variation in a particular place??? Kindly advise....
By S SADAGOPAN 01 January 2011

Sadagopan! Price will be decided by the company and change in the price may increase by 1-2% in the coming budget. Otherwise, company will deliver to the commited on road price only. When you are ready to pay that much of amount, 2% of increase should not be an issue. Anyways just get prepared for this nominal amount to keep ready in your pocket.

Answer by Sree 01 January 2011

Dear Mr S
November is too far and any guesses on delivery price are pure speculative.Toyota will commit a price, local , state taxes, levies, transportation, handling will be Statewise. Dealers are known for their price manipulations , generally they play 7500 to 10,000 range with customers and with such a long waiting you cannot ignore what happenened in indian car market BLACK- delivery of white Maruti 800 was +Rs10,000 all india.Can you take this huge risk ? My humble advice, better safe than sorry.Ask for fixed price in writing in your name else choose the other options- November is too far away.
Best Wishes
KJS Sandhu

Answer by Colonel KJS Sandhu 01 January 2011

Dear Mr. S, there are two procedures to book your car. 1) Paying a nominal value just to book. 2) Paying full amount to purchase the challan. If you choose the 2nd option, then any price escalation will not affect you as you have already paid the full amount and I assure you that they will never demand any additional money from you even the car price is increased. Again, if the price is reduced, then too you will not get any advantage of such reduction. In case you opt for first option , you have to pay the escalated price at the time of delivery. It is just like fixed and floating loans. But you should verify, that what will be the interest rate ,you will receive between your payment and delivery. Maruti normally pays 6 percent interest rate. You should check the company website to know how much they pay as interest rather then dealer. After knowing it, you should make clear to your dealer that you will take interest as per company's standing norms.

Answer by Partha 01 January 2011

If any one need etios delivery in august just let me know.I have booked etios but now I not in india , so want to sell my booking.

Answer by Arvind 02 February 2011
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Mr Sandhu and Mr Partha has given the exact info.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2011
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