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Hi, This is my first car. My usage is only on weekends. Sometimes in 15 days ones. In between the car would not be in use, but when being used the distance covered is more than 750-1000 KMs on weekends. Advise if i can go for a deisel engine car as my usage in between two trips is atleast 7 days, will this affect Deisel engines performance or its maintenance. also suggest a suitable hatch back for four. Thanks in advace for your advise and warm regards Kumar
By Kumareshan 01 January 2011

if you are interested in diesel go for indica vista ,otherwise go for swift petrol.Once you buy a car reasons for using it will automatically arise.Do not worry ,be Happy

Answer by Lalit 01 January 2011

Hi Kumareshan, i'll suggest you to go for a petrol car.
cos its engine has double life then deisel,performance is obviously better then deisel and the maintance is also low.i do have the same usage as you hv described & having Ford Icon Petrol 1.3clxi since 9years.I'll siggest you to go for Maruti Wagon R in $ lac of range cos its MAV.

Answer by Kuldeep 01 January 2011

hello kumareshan it is better to purchage desel car.u want to run the car above 4000km per month the expence is halfto the desel i will sugest u indicavista desel or swift desel

Answer by Nagamohann 01 January 2011
Expert`s comment:

If investment is not a criteria then its would beadvisable to go for Indica Vista diesel.Advantage are the long term utility, build quaity and performance.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2011

go for petrol car,u r sayin g using once in a week
better go for swift or alto and start car atleast 2 inuts per day

Answer by SRIVATHSA A R 01 January 2011
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