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Hi, Has anyone fiited CNG kit onto thir CRV? What make of kit & howmuch it costed? are there any performance & safety issues after fittment of CNG kit? Howmuch is the muileage for same petrol cost now? Your prompt answer will help many CRVians. sunny
By Sunny 01 January 2011

Dear Sunny
I have seen many CRVs running on CNG in Delhi, I myself used a petrol scorpio on CNG for a year. These vehicle run very well on CNG too, only drawback is that CNG kit cannot be endorsed on your RC as its not passed for CRV and Scorpio

Answer by Rony 01 January 2011
Expert`s comment:

Rony has given the exact info in this regard.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2011

Iconverted my inova delhi to cng and trust its performing better than petrol. the BRC kits with timer and Lamda its cost u approx 28k including endorrsed on RC.

Answer by Prabir Das 04 April 2011

Hi Sunny,

The main byproduct of CNG is benzene and water. While this may be an environment friendly option for smaller engines, if you use it in your CRV, the engine will be ruined and resale will be effected.

As an aside, if you can buy a 20L vehicle, you can easily afford the running cost of Petrol! :-)



Answer by Vasu 04 April 2011

hi sunny even i m looking for cng conversion in crv can u help !!!! since i have seen ur prescence in all the threads u might have a better piece of information about it by now and plzz let me know the mileage it gives on cng if possible

Answer by Karan 05 May 2011

i have honda crv model 2000 and it s fitted with 2.0 engine i have converted my vehiclr to cng from mumbai and its running fine and i m getting better mileage than before ie 2 rupees per kilometer

Answer by Vishal H Shah 06 June 2011

Hi Vishal H Shah, I'm driving CRV 2004 AT, and like to go for CNG conversion. Can you guide me about what all things need to be taken care, if advancer, lambda etc required. Which brand/make CNG kit worked for you. thanks in advance!!

Answer by Raj 09 September 2011

Hi..I am going to buy Honda CRV 2012 model...does it possible to convert it into CNG....

Answer by Shahriar 08 August 2016

so guys i have watched your all answers no i those who fitted cng in honda crv guys does it have any issues till now i am also planning to convert in cng i have crv 2004

Answer by Aniruddha 08 August 2016

hi i have crv 2008 4wd and i want to convert in cng can you help me that any issue about its performance and power and what mileage will be get and what is cost and brand of kit, please give me advice. Ramesh

Answer by Ramesh 11 November 2016

Hi , I am also planning to fit CNG kit in CRV 2016 model.

Answer by Habeeb 11 November 2017

hii i m planing to buy honda crv 2006 with cng so is it good n rto approved to use cng in crv

Answer by Deepak Desai 09 September 2018

yes i hav put cng on crv honda automatic 2007 model it costs me arounf 5 rs per km
sequential kit cost me aroun 18000 and give mileage arounf 12 with ac as it is 2400 cc engine

Answer by Kp 07 July 2021

how much honda cvr rvi mt 2007 model cng kit cost

Answer by AT 09 September 2021
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