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I am looking for a car in around 5 lakh. The usage will be more or less 2000 km / month. I want to buy a diesel car. Key things we are fiocusing are "Mileage", "Comfort / less engine noise" and "Low maintanance". Seeing all the current options we are just getting confused; what to buy. We are considering among indica vista, ford figo, fiat punto, maruti ritz, indigo cs, swift dezire etc. Can you please suggest which will possibly be the best buy?
By Ankan Dutta 01 January 2011
Expert`s comment:

For the requirments mentioned, Indica Vista would be the best selction.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2011

U must have to go in figo,less price more features , and Vista is not so comfortable. Figo is international quality.

Answer by NAVIN BAHRI 01 January 2011

I own Ford Figo. You must go with it. Superb, comfort, powerful, and good mileage vehicle. But no rear power windows.


Answer by Sagar 01 January 2011

Indica Vista Qudrajet is the best option for you. The interiors are too good, road grip is much better than any other car in this class.

Answer by Perminder Singh 01 January 2011

Maruti Ritz Diesel or the Figo would be my suggestion. Tata, as per my experience, they still have to get their act together when it comes to after sales. Ritz has unmatched driving comfort and Figo too is a fantastic offering from the Ford stable!!!

Answer by Anuj Bhargava 01 January 2011

ford figo diesel would be ideal for you.

Answer by Raghu 01 January 2011

U must buy Maruti Produts as i am driving SWIFT VDI and i belive its the best car to buy, I am Mechnical engineer and working with automobiles since 1995, after buying SWIFT we have bought FIVE more SWIFT in family and we all are Satisfied GOOD Luck MUST BUY SWIFT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer by Jagdeep Virk 01 January 2011

among the cars u have shortlisted the best choice would be ford figo for its international quality and good milage its an award winning product in india otherwise go with indica vista its not necessary to listen to people who live in the iron age and consider only maruti products the best this was true in 1984 not 2011 when the customer is the king with many options.

Answer by Rajiv 01 January 2011

Among the cars you have listed, Fiat punto is the best. it rides, handles well. Safety is top notch.If its diesel dont worry about pickup mileage etc. Its the best highway as well as city runner. I own a Fiat Punto EmPK at home and a Volkswagen POLO TDI Base version by my company. I felt Punto is far ahead than any. Also Swift and Figo are at a class lower which cant be compared to Punto, Jazz, i20 or POLO. Swift is cramped, let down by inherent maruti quality (rattles and sounds after 2 years), Figo is good-except the low-seating position and long term reliability. Vista, obviously has all TATA drawbacks, I20 is good if you are Ok with the sudden surge in power (which may not be safe sometimes) Anyway make the decision after taking a test drive. Dont forget to wear seatbelt when you do that.

Answer by Auto Master 01 January 2011

Hello A Dutta,
Your want it arround 5 lacs and a diesel heart, the cars mentioned above by our friends are all offsprings of 1.3L multijet from Fiat. Why don't you consider 1.3MJD-Palio, which is a marvel and suits your high usage (mileage) and you want a specialist in fuel-economy and low maintainence.
I assure you, you will not be disappointed owning this Fiat-jewel, it moves like a rocket making you feel safe inside well-build-quality of Fiat product.Do you know that Ferrari has the Fiat-DNA. It is enough....!!!!
S A SHAH,NIT,Srinagar-6,J&K,India

Answer by S A SHAH 01 January 2011

Mr A Dutta,
Ford-Figo has a different diesel engine,1.4L,
but lacks some features when compared with 1.3MJD-Palio such as "male-looks", see front bumper- Palio has double-barrel head lamps, fog lamps(truely meaningfull) and internationally acclaimed tail-lights, inside-space & comfort, shock-absorbers etc. Enough,enough...! in continuation with above comment.
S A SHAH,Srinagar,J&K,India

Answer by S A SHAH 01 January 2011

Fiat punto is the best. it rides, handles well. Safety is top notch. Dont worry about pickup mileage etc. Its the best highway as well as city runner. I I felt Punto is far ahead than any other manufacturer in India.
Solid built along with European safety norms.
Once you drive it u forgets maruti & tata vehicle. They are behind from fiat.

Answer by Ajit 01 January 2011

Hi Ankan,

Thanks for considering a Maruti! You can visit for more details on the Ritz. If you'd like a test drive please send in your contact details to

Maruti Customer Service Team

Answer by Maruti Suzuki Care 01 January 2011
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