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dear experts and owners, i bought indica xeta(petrol) used car dec 2007model 45000kms. the car gives mileage of just 12kmpl with ac off and its acceleration is also not effective,moreover it sound is more than a petrol car. the owner told that he has serviced his car just 4times. i bought it as owner is one of my close friend and after 2 years ,i am going to change it. the thing is that what can i do to increase mileage, acceleration and sound?
By Baljot 01 January 2011
Expert`s comment:

Indica Xeta is a good selection for its good build quality, relaible performance. Please follow the guidelines given inarticle below for gettingbest of mileage.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2011

this could mean that your car is having mechanical problems and the best way to repair this fault is giving your car for a thorough check up in the authorized tata service centre..
or your car could have a leak in the fuel pipe ..
or your engine must be malfunctioning

Answer by Rohan 01 January 2011


There are few things I would like to share with you. I am also an owner of TATA INDICA ZETA 2006 model petrol and I find it in very good condition. I get an average of 14 kmpl in city and 19 kmpl in highway. It all depends on the maintainance and servicing the car at regular intervals.

I suggest you that you use branded engine oil, fuel pump and air filter. Poor pick up you are experiencing may be because of clogged fuel pump or leakage in the fuel tube or clogged air filters. I suggest you that you go an authorized TATA MOTORS service station and get your car fully checked.

I suggest you use Castrol Magnetic GTX engine oil which will give you better pick up and also increase the performance of the engine. Use TATA MOtors recommended Air Filter

Check the fuel pump and fuel tube for leakage. Get it serviced at the earliest.

If you find any problem please feel free to contact me in the mentioned email

Answer by Kartik Subramanian 04 April 2011


I forgot to mention that is has a running of 90,000 kms till date but still the engine condition is superb that too with a speed of 162 kmph.

Answer by Kartik Subramanian 04 April 2011

thanks MR.Kartik, i immediately sent my car to service station when i bought.
now the performance is slightly better and service station told regular service and check up won't give any problem as it is petrol engine.

i would use the engine oil recommended by you only. if this car comes out well in performance then i may keep it for longer as there is no major problem in it.

Answer by Baljot 04 April 2011

Your welcome. Good that you sent your car to service station. Get it serviced regularly and see how the car will give good performance.

Try Castrol Magnetic GTX and if you find it good then you can use it or you can also use Servo oil which is second best to castrol.

If at all you have any problem please feel free to contact me anytime.

Answer by Kartik Iyer 05 May 2011

Sir, I have tata indica xeta gvs petrol car. The car 2 piston cylinders are not responded. I disconnect the plug wire and the engine runs same level and acceleration. I changed pis

Answer by Kalees 09 September 2017

I have Tata Indica xeta GLS with company fitted gas. Few days it runner by gas and after that it changed to petrol. Atfter that it is not changing from petrol to gas.

Answer by NAGARJUNA N 06 June 2020
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