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Did anyone converted Figo into LPG or CNG? Will ford engine support lpg or CNG as normal petrol engine do? Please share your experience..
By Abhi 01 January 2011
Expert`s comment:

You may not get approval from dealer for fitting LPG kit to new Figo.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2011

Mr shankar ,the question still remains unanswered ,Abhi has asked whether ford engines are suited for gas conversion or not.

Answer by Rajiv 01 January 2011

Mr Rajiv, don't you know the answer?? If any one uses common sense all the internal combustion petrol engines could be run on LPG or LNG or CNG with the proper modification, including Ford engines

Answer by Kim 01 January 2011

Kim, i guess it is better to shut this website down and ask everyone to use their commonsense! Well, i searched some other sites and found out this "Some cars have engines with very soft engine valves and are not suitable for conversion"
Now any of those REAL experts pls answer the question about ford figo.

Answer by Abhijith 02 February 2011
Expert`s comment:

Please check the reviews below for detailed analysis. You can decide based on info available, comments from users and also check wether the manufacturere allows for fitting the same without affecting warranty.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 02 February 2011

Dear Shiva,

The question is still not answered as the Gas Convertor Kit is a success in Ford Figo?

Answer by Vaibhav 06 June 2011

Is the renault kwid engine supports lpg

Answer by Rana 02 February 2016
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