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What should I do if I have to choose between city and vw(vento)in terms of after sales service and cost of clarify.pankaj(DEHRADUN)
By Pankaj 01 January 2011

Hi Pankaj, If you want petrol engine, go for city but if your drive is more, go for diesel vento...VW has good series of diesel engines

Answer by Rajeev 01 January 2011

if u r looking for the best the go for Honda city. VW vento is good but looks like polo and that dilutes its exclusivity

Answer by Rajneesh 01 January 2011

a honda city is far better than vw vnto in india.
so a city would be ideal for better services in all aspects.

Answer by Mantra 01 January 2011

pankaj you should go with Honda City as it is elegant premium and exclusive in all respect.Also the After Sales Service is excellent as compared to VW Vento.Moreover it is a class apart

Answer by Niraj 01 January 2011

Since you compare the City and Vento, I presume you are looking at petrol cars only. Otherwise, the Vento Diesel could be a good option.
City definitely has more driver appeal than the Vento. If you are going to be chauffeured around, the Vento may be a good option as well, as it is rumored to have a great back seat.
In terms of build, the Vento may be more solid than the City. Ground clearance is another area where the Vento may be better.
After sales and parts etc will be better with Honda at the moment, but Volkwagen will not be far behind, given their aggressive entry in the Indian market.

Answer by Sasi Menon 01 January 2011

Go for HONDA CITY and be Happy.

Answer by Hemant 01 January 2011

Dear pankaj, if you want good petrol car compare with city and vento, i like go for petrol city b'coz after sales service it's very good and dealership network also large.
but you want to buy a deisel car go for vw vento. and it's something defferent from other brand b'coz u find lot's of comfort features in vw. and most important perticulerly in SAFTEY FEATURES. FOR GOOD FEATURES AND U WANT SOMETHING NEW GO FOR VW VENTO. After all it's GERMAN. They r more focus on SAFTY.

Answer by Siddharth 01 January 2011
Expert`s comment:

Performance,maintennce of both are almost equal.However Honda City has advantage of wide spreded service network.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2011
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