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Hello SHIVA, Thanks for responding to my questions. I want to let you know my type of choice for my next-car. It is Fiat-Panda-Cross with 4WD.....but,unfortunately, it seems to be a mirage for me...!! Now, I'm interested in Fiat-Linea. My monthly mileage is 1200-1500km, both city and congested high-way driving. I like power under my feet, quickness in city-driving and HW-overtakes.Please, suggest which one is suitable for me....Linea-1.3MJD(emotion pk) or 1.4tjet, keeping in mind I belong to a cold-region where winters are very severe. My car should not betray me in early frozen mornings.What is the performance of Fiat-1.3MJD engine,no doubt it is a marvel,in sub-zero cold regions? The response from any 1.3MJD-Fiat user is also welcome. Belt yourself and drive safe. S A SHAH,Srinagar-6,J&K
By S A SHAH 01 January 2011
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Fiat Linea would be the best selection for its high reliability, build quality and frequency of service.You can choose togo for petrol or diesel version depending upon usage.If planing to use for long term and also excessive usage is there then diesel version would be better.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2011
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