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Hello Mr. SHIVA, Kindly, let me know that which one among the Fiat-Linea is a GOOD BUY ? 1.3MJD-90bhp(emo pack) or 1.4tjet-plus S A SHAH,Srinagar,J&K
By S A SHAH 01 January 2011

Better go for 1.4 jet plus. Excelent vehical,except one problem, ie.ground clearence ,

Answer by Prabodh 01 January 2011

one is a diesel and the other is a petrol. We cannot compare in that way. If you have a huge run every month then go for diesel (1.3 MJD) but if you like performance then go for TJet.

Answer by Sridhar 01 January 2011

Fiat is known worldwide for exception quality diesel run cars, so go for Linea T jet and keep it for'll look the same...that's a European Car hallmark!!!

Answer by Abhishek 01 January 2011

Thankyou Abhishek, for responding to my question.
At least, I could find someone admiring Fiat brand. The Linea T jet you have mentioned is a petrol-engine, do you mean actually the Linea-1.3 multijet. I love Fiat cars since Pal-Padmini era, followed by Cheeky-Uno, Well-built-Palio, Casa-nova-type-Punto and am-eyeing-at-Linea. I have to decide between Tjet and Multijet, keeping in view the performance in sub-zero cold region,with power under my feet, though I drive emotionally to my Home on weekends.
Enjoy Life.
S A SHAH,Srinagar-6,J&K.

Answer by S A SHAH 01 January 2011
Expert`s comment:

Fiat Linea would be the best selection for its high reliability, build quality and frequency of service.You can choose togo for petrol or diesel version depending upon usage.If planing to use for long term and also excessive usage is there then diesel version would be better.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2011

Mr. Shah - If your budget is below 10 lacs then I would definitely recommened Fiat Linea 1.3 Multijet Diesel. Diesel is way to go now in India and with Fiat Multijet engine, you will not be dissapointed. It is one of the marvels in Diesel technology by FIAT . The engine in MJD Linea is almost noiseless and the car is amazingly stable at high speeds. Perfect for a family with good mileage. Further coupled by classic European looks , plush interiors and features like Blue&Me will get you hooked to the car. I have completed 17,000kms with no problems at all. But whenyou buy go for the highest variant which is the Emotion pack 1.3 MJD. The diesel Multijet is quite punchy , powerful torque and it churns out enough power to leave other cars behind. Only issue is the ground clearance which perhaps you may want to review . But overall a fantastic VFM stylish sedan which no other auto company offers at present. T-Jet Plus is more powerful and would cost above 10 L but sports 16 " alloy wheels and improved interiors I guess. Hope it helps. Good luck.

Answer by Yatin 01 January 2011

Hi Yatin,
Thankyou for your suggestions. You have mentioned the price of 1.4 Tjet-plus more than 10 lacs, but I searched from the Fiat-India website itself, they are mentioning the price of 1.4tjet plus as 8.99 lacs and that of 1.3MJD,emo-pk as 8.86 lacs for ex-showroom-N Delhi where it has been launched already. 1.4tjet is yet to be launched in our city Srinagar.
Kindly, anybody confirm the rates. 1.3MJD users from Kashmir, please tell me its performance in sub-zero cold regions, early morning starting during severe winters etc.
1.4Tjet-plus is having more ground-clearence than that of
Drive Safe.
S A SHAH,Srinagar-6,J&K

Answer by S A SHAH 01 January 2011
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