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I drive around 1500-1800 kms every month, 70% drive would be in Delhi/NCR areas with almost 40% highway driving. I have shortlisted 3 cars, namely, Verna-CRDI-Diesel(Rs. 9.00 lacs), Vento-Diesel (Rs. 9.25 lacs)and Sx4-CNG (Company fitted) Version (Rs. 7.70 lacs). Would request you to advice the best option amongst the 3 shortlisted cars taking into account, overall cost of car, overall maintenance, fuel efficiency, etc. Plan to buy immediately, hence urgent response would be appreciated.
By Kalpana 01 January 2011

Go for Vento.It can pull an elephant and german quality.Remaining all are useless.

Answer by Fazil 01 January 2011

Wait for sx4 diesel, ofcourse vento is good.

Answer by Das 01 January 2011

Looking at your requirement, it is evident that u want a car that is cheap to run and maintain. SX4 suits u the best as u'l get the best efficiency, cheapest price and lowest maintenance costs.
However, u will not get the comfort and engine refinement of the Verna or the great quality and engineering of the Vento.

Answer by Shubh 01 January 2011

if you are driving about 1500-1700km per month in city you should go for diesel cars and among your short listed vehicles my choice is THE VERNA as it is transformed and also has good pick up when compared with sx4 its riding quality is also good the service centres are not upto the mark for hyundai as well as for maruti suzuki. no idea about vento.

Answer by Akhil 01 January 2011
Expert`s comment:

Go in for the vento without a doubt.It's got an excellent engine and is solidly built to withstand the maximum pounding.

Answer by Rohit Bajpai 01 January 2011

verna is a good choice. Hyundai service is excellent. Its frm my experience

Answer by Sabu 01 January 2011

pl. go for verna crdi

Answer by RAVI 01 January 2011

Verna car is excellent. you can go for it. Diesel consumption also very nice, verna maintanance also good.

Answer by Syed Zakir 01 January 2011

strongly recommend you to go for Verna Diesel. I have driven verna, laura, vento and car on cng. CNG cars effect the pick up so forget SX4 CNG, Volkswagen would be high on service, parts and mileage. do not take more advices, you will get confused. Buy the new Verna and let me know as soon as you buy it to congratulate you.

Answer by Rajeev Jain 01 January 2011
Expert`s comment:

For the kind of usage mentioned, Hyundai Verna would be a good selection for spacious interiors, proven performance and service network.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2011
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