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I am planning to buy a used family (5 persons) car between rs 300000 to 425000. The car will not run more than 3000 km/month. Car should run at speed of at least 100km/hr. My question is should I be buying petrol or diesel car. Can you please recommend suitable models?
By Sunil Gupta 01 January 2011
Expert`s comment:

For the requirments mentioned, A used diesel Maruti Suzuki Swift would be a optimum selection.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2011

In this price you can get a new Maruti eeco 5 seater. This is a very gud family car..why to go for a used car?

Answer by Ansuman 01 January 2011

Streatch your budget a little and go for Indica Vista Quadrajet lower end, it can meet your requirements.

Maruti Echo is an Petrol and not a good option if you are driving for 3000km/month and not safe at 100km/hr

Answer by Vinoth 01 January 2011

maruti ecco is best car for your badget

Answer by Bnm Khan 01 January 2011


go for Chevy is good,stylish,3 year maintenance free and a family'll come in Ur budget.thank u..

Answer by Pravat 01 January 2011

Buy Nano and attach an old Maruti van behind without engine.You can carry cooking items and go on Bon Voyage.

Answer by Evans 01 January 2011

mr sunil my suggestion would be to go for the time tested car of decades which is maruthi esteem. And because your run is too low a petrol version would be the best bet.But if you are looking more power and style then you can also think about Mitsubishi lancer.Remember all japanese cars will give the value for your money. take care ASAD

Answer by Asad Khan 01 January 2011

better it is Maruti SWIFT petrol

Answer by Rajakumar 01 January 2011

In my opinion, as you wants to buy a car with a budget of 3L-4.25L then you must be thinking about mileage and the performance , then it should be Santro Xing GLS or i10 1.1 IRDE. these are specious and easy to handel .

Answer by Suvasish Roy 01 January 2011

As per your budget the best New Deisel car in my suggestion is Indica Vista Terra TDI, or if can add 20K, then the best car will be Vista Terra Quadrajet, cause the Quadrajet Engine is a award winning Engine, which has proved its performance as an best Engine in its segment & the same Engine is used in Swift, Dzire, Ritz, Fiat Lenia, Punto, Tata Manza. If you want to stay happy with the performance, of your hard earned Money, then the best car is Vista Terra Quadrajet. (GOOD LUCK).

Answer by Jagjit Singh 01 January 2011

Diesel cars are best bet. Ritz, Swift or Indigo Manza are the best deal. Maruti cars are also good for maintenance and resell. If you are driving your care in a small town then maruti is best option as every engineer know to maintaine the Maruti car and parts are easily available.

Answer by Nitin Agrawal 01 January 2011

i would refer swift diesel or dzire diesel i am using both of them daily 100 km on highway,i get a average of 19-20 kmpl.

Answer by Shivam 01 January 2011


Answer by Srivathsa 01 January 2011

Hi I deal in good quality used cars in Delhi..I do have Swift(Petrol), Accent(Petrol), Honda City, swift(diesel) & more which will fit into ur budget..if interested thn call me at 9910405251

Answer by Dipanshu 01 January 2011
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