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hi sir im booking a new car but i want best car plz suggest maruthi sx4, hundai verna , honda civic and chevrolet cruze and more suggest best cars
By Rohithreddy 01 January 2011

Dear Sir,

Thanks for considering a Maruti! You can visit for more details on the SX4. If you'd like a test drive please send in your contact details to

Maruti Customer Service Team

Answer by Maruti Suzuki Care 01 January 2011

deciding on wide service network and the number of passenger
is good

Answer by Rajakumar 01 January 2011

u can also look for fiat Linea it gives great mileage great riding comfort great power & italian designing never compares with anyother sedan u suggested shock's r great for indian road's

Answer by Anand 01 January 2011

take cruze

Answer by Manoj 01 January 2011
Expert`s comment:

The selection mainly depends upon budget range,usage and favorites. If investment is not a constraint then Chevrolet Cruze would be the best selection.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2011

if budget is no constraint, then go for the civic it is fun to drive, excellent quality, best in class performance.
Petrol power with amazing pick up and dash.
Consider the skoda laura 2.0 litre version, excellent mileage, great power and looks that match any higher segment cars.

Cruze is a good product, sadly not very popular despite having been around for a year or so. !

Answer by Samar Ansari 01 January 2011

Hi I would suggest u go for the civic cause it looks very sporty as well as its very fun to drive as well as less maintainence...i own it hence I would recommend it

Answer by Ravin 03 March 2011

new civic with sunroof is the best if u can afford the price and petrol fuel

Answer by Hanuman 04 April 2011

Go for CRUZE. Itz the best value for money car. U wont get a 2.0 engine power and best looks elsewhere. Civic is also good. But Id recommend 1st Cruze and then 2nd Civic.

Answer by Narendra Gami 06 June 2011
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