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i am planing to buy a new car, my options are hyundai i20,maruthi swift,hyundai i10,skoda fabia. please let me know which one suits usage is weekly once,so suggest me above mentiond cars or any other cars not above 8 lakh rupees
By Sudheer 01 January 2011

Hyundai i20 ASTA CRDI 1.4L (Diesel Ver), is what i suggest for you in premium hatchback category. Luxury with Performance is what u can expect from i20.I know the initial review of the i20 was some what bad in terms of over priced & under performance car but i guess from somewhere Hyundai India have made a lot of improvements like there was an AC Issue which is not now, Rattling sound not from all cars but thats taken care now, Braking & Pickup is improved now. Especially for longer drives this car is very suitable, But though you are paying 7.4 LKH in Bangalore. Loaded lotz of Goodies. On the other hand SWIFT VDi( Diesel Ver) is also closet competetior only problem is the famous Maruti's Rattling Sound i heard that now its taken care, Braking and pickup is awesome with Swift. Looses in Safety criteria such as no rear airbags/Curtain Airbags, No Goodies on dash board a very simple Dash with Stereo & AC Console thats it. If i've missed any apologies. Thanks n Take care

Answer by Arun Dambal 01 January 2011

Go for hyundai i20 crdi of variant either era or magna or the sports version, which differs in features such as PWs or steering wheel adjust along with safety features such as curtain airbags & ABS. Engine remains the same, very responsive, low cost of ownership and better resale value.

Answer by MANJUNATH UDAYAKUMAR 01 January 2011

since your usage would be less i would suggest to go for petrol car as diesel cars are require more attention and maintenance.
i suggest you to gor swift as maruti brand ,good mileage, low maintenance and great pick up.
and wait for the new version to launch if you can.
otherwise, go for i10 , why i10 , this is becasue it is small sized car and ideal for city use.
it has 1.2 engine and gives good mileage.

why not i20, the petrol version of this car might feels little underpowered as compare to swift but the goodies, features, luxuries and comfort of driving overcome its power.
i think for 6lakhs asta model can be bought and you will be amazed with its build and comfort.

now its all upto you what do you want?

Answer by Mantra 01 January 2011

i20... dont see anything else.. muscular, stylish, luxury, power, efficient, safe.. want anything else..??
dont go for maurti n all.. its too common n boring interiors..
i own both of them.. i20 genrates more power than swift.. check the specs if u want or can trust me..

Answer by Sirohi 01 January 2011

heyy y dnt u go 4 a fabia......itz fabulous ...n y not a fabia , weekly use..., sxi looks..., an affordable milage..., n a feel lyk home service....

choice'zz urzz ..
gud luck

Answer by Mani 01 January 2011
Expert`s comment:

In the price range mentioned, Skoda Fabia would be the best selection for its styling ,interior fit and finish and features.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2011

go for swift

Answer by Srivathsa 01 January 2011
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