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hello..!!! i m planning to buy a car in the price tag 5-6 lakh...i know,its clear to go for petrol if mnthly run z less...otherwise go for diesel....!!!! my mnthly run wil b less.. plz tel is it wise to go for petrol ??? despite the sky touching prices of petrol in nxt cming years...wil diesel prices also inc at same rate as petrol??.... i have zeroed on new SWIFT....plz tel exact mnth of its launch...can i get it by this april...???....if its launch z delayd which z the car to go for..??
By Gagan 01 January 2011
Expert`s comment:

Whenever price of petrol is increased, there will be increase in price of diesel also.However there will always be a gap between price of petrol and diesel. Hence If usage is then going for petrol version would be better for a given price range as you will have to invest extra for a diesel model.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2011

i am not an expert in the automotive field ,but i use to give my suggestions about the very well know that the price of the petrol is at its peak..some people say that diesel vehicle will be having hiGH MAINTAINTNECE.....ITS WRONG MYDAER FRIEND..........

Answer by ABIN JOMY 01 January 2011

I can understand your attraction towards diesel vehicles. They have a lot going for them. When stuck in traffic, you need not turn off the engine as while idling, the diesel engine is running practically on pure air. Besides this the main advantage will be experienced when climbing ghats or other hills like on your way to Amby valley. Such climb is child's play for diesel engines. The only downside is a little extra clatter when idling and a 50K extra sticker price. If you can handle these two, the diesel engine is a clear winner. Although Swift diesel is good, the other ones are the Micra 1.5 diesel and the forthcoming Etios Liva 1.4 diesel.

Answer by Microman 01 January 2011
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