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i have read the reviews of VW polo... some say its a good car others say its not that good as it has 3cyclinder engine ...... all the cars in this segment has 4 cylinders except polo ....... is it really worth buying polo mainly diesel and also i have heard that VW are famous for there diesel engines is it really true ?? and also give me some light on polo diesel with comparison on other Cars in this segment...
By Raghu 12 December 2010

dear all, i am agreed all of you but i have swift vdi(1300 diesel)with 75bhp is really a best choise in diesel. and rear leg room is enough for adults. and second choise is nissan micra is very very desent car accordingly by engine qty(1500cc--22avg in city)push putton start and too tough cometition for polo to prove beteer .
mainly diesel is the main choice for vendor bcz of low cost fuel and diesel engine give more milage and bterr perform.
punto--quqrda (90 bhp)/ vista --diesel /swift--diesel use same engine provide by fiat motor(europe no--1 engine)maruti use desire and sx-4 diesel also use same engine.
davender yadav
new delhi

Answer by Davender Yadav 12 December 2010

Hello Raghu..Indeed I will be able t put some light on VW POLO.

I Bought one on september thid year. Its a diesel Highline model and its white colour, the best for polo.

I am very satisfied with the car's performance. I got a very brialliant mileage of about 29km/l on highway and on normal city driving conditions it gives about 20-22 km/l.

Even though it's a 3 cylinder, its good to drive.
Good interiors, Nice to drive, Good built quality, nice plastics, cute looks.

Only problem is the rear leg room is not enough for adults.
Its an European car and as you could expect the Hatchbacks are used by mostly young couples and mostly seat kids at the back.

Anyways I am very satisfied with car.

Answer by Rahul 12 December 2010

Hey raghu..Go for diesel. Yes, VW have a very good diesel engines with them. & to say when you are spending more than 4 Lacs (In india), always think of diesel. They are`far more advances than petrol engines, very powerful & fun to Drive.

Answer by Amit 12 December 2010


German's are known for their engineering and quality in automobile. Please understand just having fun in driving is not u drive in city then i dont expect your speed may go above 60...but still breaking will be high...and same on freeways...especially u may need emergency breaking more often...with Polo it has amazing control on its wheels both in cabin and outside..high speed turning and breaking are amazing not like others in same segment...again u will feel that u are driving a good tough car and not a small easy car like the eastern car makers are...that is the difference between VW and Suzuki, Hyundai, Nissan..they need to compromise on the weight for good mileage and use lighter metals and more fiber parts..while Germans concentrate more on safety and go for VW Polo without giving a second thought..

Answer by Victor Rosta 12 December 2010

Thanks u guys ...
i have booked polo diesel comfortline (Blue emotion) ll be receiving by the end of January ..

Answer by Raghu 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

VW Polo is a good selection and will give satisfactory performance as mentioned by Mr Rahul and others.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 01 January 2011
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