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I will be grateful if you give some good suggestions to me for the maintenance of my newly purchased second hand enfield bullet bike.It is a 2003 model electra with gas filled shock absorbers.I am experiencing some problems with this bike.Though i have replaced the old battery with a new one it needs several kicks to start the engine.Frustrating sound,i think it is either from engine, crank part or from chain,other than the thump sound is the another problem I experience.My journey is almost through gutter roads as i am living in a village.Actually i bought this bike intended to have a comfortable ride but i am very much disapponted that it is not as comfortabe as i thought to ride this bike on this road.will you please give some suggestions such as replacement of parts and other modifications to solve these problems .It will also be useful for me to get suggestions to increase the mileage of this bike. Now i get 25 -30 km per ltr.Thanks in advance...
By SIBI 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

Please get the bike serviced once from authorised service center with general check up done.Later continue to maintain with repairs as per schedule and you canget best of mileage and comfort.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2010

Hi Sibi, To my understanding your BIke is all OK.
1) For abnormal sound, just chk with your mechanic. Is this sound other than push rods sound & Chain slck sound. Coz, for a new Bullet user, these sounds seems strange as they are not there is our usual 100/150cc bikes. But if this sound is related to Pushrods/chain, Pl get habituated to live by it.
2) Mileage on the roads you have mentioned is all good. Can't expect`more than 25 - 32 kmpl.
3) Bullet on rough roads can't be smooth. They are the cruisers.

Owning Bullet is a religion in itself. Try living by it. Don't ever compare with other bikes else you'll be at hieght of your frustration.

Answer by Amit 12 December 2010

Dear Mr Sibi Greetings !
I am a very old Bullet affciando since 1977. The electrical system , namely rectifier is the weak link, it allows battery charge to leak out. 4 Stroke means tuning is critical. It has dozens of adjustments which will give you a smooth hummm and characteristic thump so loved by all of us. Max one kick slow to get engine primed and sure start in second full kick. Head seating, tappets , valves, pushrods and timing gears can be noisy and problematic. Drive chain inside crank case, external flywheel and main chain all need lubrication and adjustment. Exide battery and electrical charger to trickle charge every night are ideal time tested solutions. Also please install a baby paper filter for fuel.
In gear box put mixture of oil with heavy duty grease. You will love your bike.
Best Wishes & Happy riding !
Colonel KJS Sandhu

Answer by Colonel KJS Sandhu 12 December 2010


I am using a ThunderBird 2005 June model till date. It has no issues except the worst Shock Obsorbers. I have replaced rear SOs with Samurai's and it is OK now.
Coming to your problem, I see many new (not yet sold) bike coming to the service station for some minor OR major repairs. That is what now Royal Infield is. It is just for Look & Feel. The sound that you are complaining about is no a problem, but you should consider it as a feature in Infield bikes. As I said, you have to just enjoy the look and feel, but not defenitely the ride. Eicher (Infield) Motors is making money out of foolish IT professionals and others.


Answer by Pratap 01 January 2011

I own a old bullet having butturfly chassis. I make a some modification. First remove its seat.Insted of single seat I make two seat .First rider seat, I took a bajaj cub spring loaded seat and fit it .For pasenger make a small box seat as like bajaj m 80. I have very comfortable ride even on cross-contry road .

Answer by Vijay 02 February 2011
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