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Sir, i am always tempted to buy a diesel run car. But i have been told that a diesel engine cannot be left shut off for long periods (2 or 3 months) or its performance gets affected. how far is that true?
By Confused 12 December 2010

Dear, You need not worry as now days all engines with k series engine will come handy with more mileage, pollution free.

Answer by Nagaraja C S 12 December 2010

NAGARAJ, dont comment on something that you dont know. K series engine is not diesel, its petrol engine. moreover its an engine from maruthi. not a common one across all brands.

Answer by Soorybuddy 12 December 2010

Better to go for petrol engine for your use.Diesel vehicle will be ideal for the people who are using daily or More kms

Answer by Vipin 12 December 2010

basically the battery would be weak, and diesel needs a strong battery charge to start.
Also you would need to check coolant in radiator.

Answer by Abhishek 12 December 2010

Sir, Both petrol and diesel Engine has it's merits and demerits.Though K series Engines are at present used in petrol version of Maruti, but actually Suzuki is not manufacturing this Engine but Fiat is manufacturing it.Now, for Diesel Engine, demerits are 1)Minimum fuel (5L) should always remain in the fuel tank. 2)Little bit noisy comparing to petrol.3) Spare parts are costlier than petrol engine.4)Starter problem may be there in case engine is in idle state for even few days.5) Vibration is more. Merits are 1)Fuel cost less and normally more mileage in case of same weight and volume.2)less pollutant so environment friendly. 3)More Suitable for commercial use and proportionately higher return in case of disposal.So high users should opt. for diesel and low users should go for Petrol.But latest Diesel engines are minimizing many problems which I have mentioned.

Answer by Partha 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

It wont be a problem if the vehcile is not used for 2 or 3 months.Only thing is that you should take care of bettery charge maintenance and gaurding of car from rodents, etc by parking in secured place.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2010
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