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I planed to buy a tata safari,which model is good? performance Maintenance Value for money.
By SK SELVAM 12 December 2010

dont buy tata safari, very old or wait for 2011 safari with new looks and interiors

Answer by Manu Joshi 12 December 2010

in a country obssed with milage and maximum people driving flimsy miniatures will never know what driving a safari means ,go ahead and buy the safari without any second thoughts bcoz safari is more of a bent of mind than a vehicle to commute from one place to the other .

Answer by Rajiv 12 December 2010

EX is okay in terms of value for money but if you want to have feature like airbags then VX is the option. All depends on your budget

Answer by Rajneesh 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

Tata Safari is a great selection for its power,proven performance and interiro comfort,majestic looki.Safari Dicor engine version would be best selection.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

Though some of the points mentioned by above can be aggreable. Comment as a whole indicates that he could have experienced bad service from a Tata Service executive/Dealer for which he has declared war against all Tata Products. If all people follow the same rule for all Makes and all products, then manufactureres will hae to come up with best in everything and hence service quality will reach better heights.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2010

Tata cars are a junk pile. Do not buy them ever. Negative value for money. Good for taxi only. No status. Only "KANJOOS" (thrifty) people buy Tata Cars.

Answer by Rajneesh 12 December 2010

I agree with Mr Rajneesh. Instead od buying a TATA car buy a Piaggio Ape truck and fit a passanger cabin with a sofa at the rear.

It will last you longer than a Tata car.

Ratan Tata has made fool of truck drivers by producing junk trucks, added to the misery of the drivers in terms of driving comfort and safety.

Now Ratan Tata is playing ith life of Indian citizens by producing fire hazards such as Tata Nano.

Utter Bull-***t cars from Tata.

Thats why they have posted no growth in sales this year over the past year whereas Industry has grown from 20% to 30% average.

I do not see even Tata Aria on roads anywhere. Another big fiasco by Tata.

Even Tata Tea tastes so bad. No class.
Tata photon plus promises speed of 3 mbps but gives only about 100 kbps.

Shun all Tata products. These big Indian cmpanies have been looting the gullible indian customers by promising big but delivering very little.

Never buy Tata products. They are real YUCK

Answer by Rajeev Dubey 12 December 2010
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