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Sir, I am getting a Maruti 800 with five speed gearbox, 16 valve along with AC, MPFI, Euro-2 & the modle is 2001, at the price of Rs. 54,000/-. I have driven the said car, Engine, AC & Battery is in sound condition, one Tyre is Brand new, also the Body is in standing position, but some scraches are there, so I want to paint the car to get new look, which will cost me 11K & another 6000/- to replace 3 tyres apart from that, wheel aligment & wheel balancing is there. So after reparing the car, will cost me Rs. 66000/- Therfore suggestions from Expert & owners are welcome. Please help me that after spending Rs.66000/- (totally), is it worth to purchase the said car. Please help me, eargly waiting for your's valuable help. THANKS.
By Jagjit Singh 12 December 2010

repainting a car will depreciate the car value. If the scratches and not major, let it be as it is or coat it with clear paint.

Answer by Dreamseller 12 December 2010

no ways do not invest !!! just change the car on as is wher i basis!!!!! and u cannot apply clear on old painted parts, clear is only applied on freshly painted partd

Answer by Harjeet 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

As mentioned by many, it wont be a good deal. You can try with other cars.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2010

5 speed MPFI, Euro-2 for 55k is a good deal... you can go ahead.u r from which city

Answer by Jobin 12 December 2010

Hi I deal in good quality used cars in Delhi...I can give you more good within this range on which you dont need to invest any amount of money...If intrested thn call me at 9910405251

Answer by Dipanshu 12 December 2010

More good options I meant to say

Answer by Dipanshu 12 December 2010

Kind attansion Mr. Jobin, as per your querry, my Name is Jagjit & I stay in ASSAM, Dist.- Dibrugarh. I would like to tell U that the body is in sound condition, minor scratches is there, even touch-up would solve the problem, which will cost me hardly Rs. 3 K, apart from that 3 tyres will cost me Rs. 5700/-, then the total cost of the car will be Rs. 62700/-

Answer by Jagjit Singh 12 December 2010

It is a good deal. provided you check the engine by an expert. Go ahead of the deal, no more second thought.

Answer by Srinivaas 12 December 2010

Are NanO le lo,Sasta Roye Bar bar
Sheverlet Spark can give value for money.

Answer by Jaspal 12 December 2010

Its not such a bad deal! Its one time invstmnt, u need not to look back once it done. Ano moreover u hav to use atleast for 3 yrs, or 50k kms, thn it must e gud 1.

Answer by Prathap 12 December 2010

Maruti 800 5 speed gear box

Answer by Karan Sharma 11 November 2020

Sir l parchage maruti 8004 Speed gear so how Mani parice

Answer by Preetam Kumar 03 March 2021
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