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why do you think that even after coming up with the cheapest car NANO is not picking up in terms of sales?? also can u say that the recent TV ads and other perks that are offered to the customer are the desperate attempts by TATA`s to "push" the vehicle ,,instead of selling it?? Aditya
By Aditya Chatterjee 12 December 2010

All the comments except the last one in this forum are so absurd.
Its safe car or not safe car.
You should ask about safety features present.
In that case, it has a collapsible steering, crumble zones in the front bumper(this doesnt transfer the impact inside, instead bumper crumbles, and demodifies).
If you have questions be specific, Nano is a type of car that TATAs cannot just let go, they will push it until its in the market. A lot depends on Tata Nano. Right now, people are not ready to shift from 2-wheeler.
And that auto comparison, which auto has a ps power, a top speed of 100+... Be specific in that case too... its a 4 stroke engine, autos are 2 stroke..

Answer by Amir Khan 12 December 2010

Nano is actually not a car. It is a upgraded version of auto.
If you want to go for simply a 4 wheeler or 2 scooters with a shade or cover, go for NANO, and remember to drive carefully, since there are much less safety features in the car.

Answer by Dr Sunil Nikose 12 December 2010

I personally dont feel its an upgraded AUTO. I feel TATA NANO is Safe and its a conspiracy by other players to defame TATA.

By the way Mr.sunil Nikose are you by any chance from Nasik and Wockhardt Hospital?

Answer by Aditya Chatterjee 12 December 2010

Sir, Sorry to say that when Nano's cost is less than that of an auto.(Nano: Rs.1,25,000.00. Auto. Rs.1,75,000.00),it is really very difficult to believe that Nano is better than Auto. Anothar problem with nano is that Nano's Engine is in it's back side in order to get bigger space inside. but any one knows that, if you do not commit any mistake as driver of your vehicle, your engine is safe. But in case of back engine, you have to depend on other's skill and your engine can be seriously damaged despite no fault of you.It's pick speed, pick up, and safety features are very poor. But one thing we must not forget that nano has basically targeted those who aspire two wheelers. After all, Nano is safer than any two wheelers.

Answer by Partha 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

Tata Nano solves the purpose of a city commuter for 4 people.It would be a best suited option if using on daily basis like going to office etc. Even though its a twin cylinder engine,power of over 35 PS would solve the purpose. As far as it being rear engine version is concerned, it does give a feel of rear engined auto but rear engine does not necessarily mean not safe.Even in most of Volvo Buses rear engine is fitted. Overall it would be of great value for the money invested provided used in proper manner.
My comment may seem like a advertisement for Nano but to there is necessity of providing relevant information.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2010

No wonder, Dr.Sunil Nikose ,owner of a Merc commented adversely about Nano.I am a proud owner of a nano and have already driven 5000km. This is a wonderful car and adequate for a four member family who is having their first car.The drive is smooth, pick up commendable ,looks stunning and finally very good mileage of 23km. My request to Dr.Sunil is not to compare nano with his Merc.As some one commended nano is not a an upgraded auto rickshaw but a full fledged car for a middle class family.I am using nano as a second car and am quite happy with its performance.

Answer by Vijayakumar 12 December 2010

NANO is a concept car, I would say. Though there are few flwas "on paper" as mentioned by other peopole in this forum. but if you drive the car you hardly found any problem in car in terms of safety & comfort. Also One need to understand that its a cheap product so you can't compare it with other cars like alto,santro etc.If you want to buy a car with luxury, there is no end.

Answer by Lokesh Gupta 12 December 2010

@shiva Shankar, Sir,i like what you have written,, although my question remains unanswered,,The answer that i was looking for to my question is "price" factor, which is a deciding factor these days,,NANO is available for Rs 1,70,000 (on road) in Kolkatta,,Now thats defeating the purpose for which it was made,,There has been some error by TATA`s in pricing the car , Since maruti dominates the pre-used segment and is already a house hold brand, people would prefer buying it,,i personally feel the price has to re-worked.

@Doc.Nikose Sir, its not right to comment on something without having a proper know-how, TATA NANO is absolutely a safe vehicle, The best of the best engineers are involved with international facilities(JLR research engineers are involved in this too) in this and its TATA`s reputation too which they would not like to fiddle with.

@Partha:: Having an engine in the rear is not a problem at all, please try to understand lots of research goes in this ,safety is not a factor thats dependent on the positioning of the engine,( instances like head-on collision can be properly used to understand it). Talking up pick-up and speed, TATA`s have not made this car for "performance enthusiasts", one wont be zipping in city streets at neck-breaking speeds,its sufficient for intra city travel(its capable of reaching speed of around 90kmph, which is adequate)also its a great mileage runner,

@Vijaykumar Sir,your statement vindicates my stand also it has more weightage considering the fact that you own one and happily so.

@Lokesh Gupta Sir, Titling NANO is a "cheap Product" is not apt,NANO is a value for money alternative,Its safety has passed lots of certifications and TATA vehicles are known for their safety standards.The luxury offered in a NANO is totally justified.

Answer by Aditya Chatterjee 12 December 2010

Dear Mr. DR Nikose,
just see toward the patients and Automobile is very vast field i.e not in ur business...?
my some question to u...!
1)do u drive Nano..?
2)do u know how many safety test passed by this smaller wonder...? its same as ur Merce have.
3)and if u r compare with Auto then compare ur merc as a Taxi.....?
4)If u dont know anything shut ur mouth and go to helll.....!

Answer by Rambha 12 December 2010
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