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I am looking for a SUV/MUV in 10-12 lakh budget. I am in dilemna whether to buy used Ford endeavour or new Innova/Safari/Xylo. I will be doing 65% highway drives,25% city and 10% offroading. The vehicle should have low maintenance, good resale value,safe on highways and should be sturdy for offroading Please suggest me best option
By Tushar 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

For the kind of usage mentioned, Tata Safari would be the best seleciton for its power,on and off road performance and spacious comfortable interiros with good build quality.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2010

Hi Tushar,
Very Good Afternoon-

Let me answer your Queries.
(Please Note: - This is my point of view in regards to your query and I am not an authority to speak on this as I am not an Expert)

Firstly, you have mentioned "65% highway drives, 25% city and 10% off roading"....
Are you into some kind of Business or do you run a Transport Company...???
Why asking you this is because, if otherwise it should have been "65% City Driving, 25% Highway and 10% off-roading"... if this is the case and if size doesn't matter; a Used well maintained second hand Ford Endeavour is anytime Better bet than all the other above vehicles mentioned by you.!!! This (EnDy) has a Distinctive Macho Look with a great performance factor added to it... it's a family car with all the Off roading and Highway capabilities in a single package...

Toyota Innova is indeed and undoubtedly a Class apart for all the above. But it is for sure not an off is a gr8 highway car with the Toyota Branding...

Your next concern is about Maintenance, Resale Value, Safety and Off roading capabilities...

Maintenance: - As far as my knowledge goes, Maintaining a Ford Endy is little HIGH, doesn't mean it is exorbitant... As you want all the qualities in a Single Package, I suppose you should be able to take this SMALL pinch in your Pocket. Here the Innova and Mahindra will definitely Score!
Re-Sale Value: - If you are to believe the online blogs, I have found any Vehicle cost dropping by an average of 10% - 15% (minimum) year on year.. Doesn't mean it becomes free after 5yrs though. Resale valve of Ford Cars in general is pathetic. Here too the Toyota's and Mahindra's will WIN the battle. But if you remember we are talking here about an SUV with I suppose people used it for Long..! Are you looking out to sell the vehicle in a year or two..???
Safety: - Here the Ford will wins the competition. Endy come with Dual SRS Airbags and ABS... infact new variants of Innova has all the above mentioned in it higher variants.
Off-Roading: - Endy is undoubtedly the WINNER and I suppose Innova or a Xylo is no way closer...!

Hope I have been able to answer you queries.

Achu Menon

Answer by Achu Menon 12 December 2010

Dear Mr.Menon. Thank you for a elaborate reply.You have answered all my queries. I would look forwards to buy a used endeavor now.

Answer by Tushar 12 December 2010

You are welcome... I have shared the bit of Information i HAD.. Thats all..

Good Day..

Achu Menon

Answer by Achu Menon 12 December 2010

sair mujhy 10-12 lakh m new suv ya muv btaay jo achAA avrgg dy or sath he 5-7 saal tak mentynass na magy

Answer by Deepak Tiware 03 March 2013
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