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Want to buy an SUV. Confused between Scorpio, Safari, Xylo, Bolero & Innova. Any advice?
By Rajeev Sachdeva 12 December 2010

tat safari - heavy maintenance & less mileage, good look, good interior, medium road grip.
scorpio - GOOD - medium mileage, good look, medium interior, good road gri, low maintenance
zylo - too big size, medium mileage, corporate look, medium interior, medium road gri, low maintenance
Bolero - GOOD for site running, medium mileage, good look, medium interior, good road gri, low maintenance
Innova : good interior, good road grip, good milage, medium maintenance, GOOD ONE

Answer by MAYILSAMY 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

When you say an SUV, do you mean you need an off-roader or just a big car? If you do not plan to get stuck in the middle of a river bed or a mucky terrain or climb mountains, I would suggest an Innova (thats if you are OK with the Taxi image) or a 2x2 Scorpio. Safari will cost you a lot after you buy it - maintenance. If adventure is what you looking for, then get the bolero. its a thorough bred.

Answer by Joshua 12 December 2010

I dont feel that Innova has Taxi image. It is the best car available in India for its price.

It has better ride quality, better resale, better service and better brand name.

Go for the Innova. Rest of the Lot sucks.

Answer by Rahul N Nair 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

Among the options mentioned Mahindra Xylo would be ideal selection for interior space,comfort,decent power and price factor.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2010

this is a stupid statement
"a taxi image"
:D :D
initially innova was bought by people for their own use, it was used as taxi after poor response of tavera and discontinued qualis also good qualities of innova.

success of innova is too high, its a great car to drive and you can feel the power and road grip.

i am really surprised calling a car taxi image,
i have seen BMW,Mercedes cars being a taxi, so its a taxi image and no use of buy them.

i am sorry for my poor words but what was said , it pinched me.
now the main point is looks of innova doesn't is not of SPORTS utility vehicle like others you have mentioned.

so it depends you go for looks or drive.

Answer by Mantra 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

Seems that my words have 'hurt' few people here. I maintain that Innova has a taxi imagery. Thats if they understand what brand imagery and proposition stands for.

Rahul: Rajeev had asked for an SUV. For any vehicle to be considered as an SUV, it has to hive high ground clearance and 4X4 as the minimum requirements along with wider tyres. Innova has non. So stop misguiding people. If Rajeev is looking for a good Multi-utility vehicle its a good choice - read, that whats i had suggested.

Mantra: what you have said is exactly right. and for the same reason, people in Thailand do not buy even a Toyota Corolla and people in Singapore do not buy a Honda City and the Corolla. And in European nations, the sales of the Merc E class is limited to only the cab service. Understand what i said. If anyone else has any issues or concerns about why i wrote what i wrote, can contact me at

Answer by Joshua 12 December 2010

Thanks Mr. Joshua for your advice. Please let me know which would be the better choice - Xylo or Bolero or any other SUV in this price range, if I would be using it for driving upcountry/mountain roads.

Answer by Rajeev Sachdeva 12 December 2010

Hi Rajeev,

You should buy a Vehicle that solve your purpose or is well in line with your needs. Here, i see Mr. Joshua Upputuru statement about Innova as "Taxi Image" which isn't true. Let's not debate on that. Even a Bently Spur, Rolls Royce or a Maybach is available as Taxi. If you are looking at an Affordable Family car, it has to be a Toyota Innova or a Mahindra Xylo. Now you should be able define an SUV in your Terms. Is it Off-Roading capabilities with a 4x4 differential, Spacious Family car with lot of utilities or Spares and Maintenance...???? As per my understanding Innova's don't fall under the category of SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle).

I have driven an Innova and its extremely good with regards to the Built quality, Road Presence, its affordable, is stable @ HIGH speeds...

Bolero's - are good but are little noisy and rough... Mainly meant to be driven on Terrains / off roading if you do a bit of fine tuning and alterations. I had hand on a new bolero sometime back, which wasn't a CRDe engine though...I thoroughly enjoyed it, but question remains; if you are going to be driving it in city or in High Range / Ghat section...?

Safari - I am not for it... I somehow don't like the fit & finish of the vehicle. I feel it to be incomplete. 2.2 Dicor seems to be really good. But maintenance seems to be high. Its got a deadly shape, but what matter is the comfort @ the end of the day. NVH is Poor and it starts getting the rattling sound in a year's time or so...

Scorpio - I have one @ home. I drive it whenever I am back. It's for sure a driver's car, I love driving it. It definitely has a Macho look and you can do a bit of off roading too. I feel in high ways its bit bumpy. If you are used to Tora-Tora or a swinging cradle.. it's the same if you are to sit in the back seats.. This is my personal opinion though...

Now its upto you to decide which perfectly suits your requirement. If I am to say, it's an Innova...!!

Achu Menon

Answer by Achu Menon 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

@ Rajeevbetween Xylo and Bolero - get the Bolero for it handling upcountry and Mountain roads is mush better, You will also get the option of a 4x4 in the same.

@ Achoo - I still stand by my statement that the Innova has a Taxi Image. But you are free to feel otherwise. About Bently and Rolls Royce being used as a taxi - read a book on brand image to understand what i am wanting to say.

Answer by Joshua Upputuru 01 January 2011

let us not get into any more such debates as everybody has his/her own way of thinking and different approach.

Mr.Joshua you find a taxi in innova and i find it as a great car to own.

as asked by the Mr.Rajiv, if he wants to do some kind off roading then i think mahindra's bolero or scorpio can be bought

Answer by Mantra 01 January 2011

Hi Guys,
Don't fight. Among these mentioned,none is a SUV unless the 4WD option is offered with reasonable off-roading capabilities. Ofcourse, Scorpio,Safari and Bolero have 4WD-option available. This is a limited choice available to us.
Being very honest, I don't like any of these as SUV purpose in real sense, for multi-utility purpose it is OK. What about their reliability in very cold regions where mercury sinks to below minus-4 degree centigrade and you want to enjoy the winter-games at Gulmarg?...they will not start in the early morning, you will have to wait for the Sun to let your so-called-SUV bask for two hours due to lack of suitable technology. Do you still call it a SUV ?. On the other hand, Ford-Endeavr does not let you down for this problem. I too believe, these cars are typical-Indian-passenger-cars.
Enjoy Life and DRIVE SAFE.
S A SHAH,Srinagar-6,J&K,India

Answer by S A SHAH 01 January 2011

Hi guys,
Mr.Rajeev seeking a help from people those who know about SUV. why you confusing others? Out of his 5 selections ONLY 2 are in SUV segments, SAFARI and SCORPIO. Innova stand for in MIni van segment , but not sliding back side doors. Innova is the older verson of toyota 'Sieanna'. All of the 5 vehicles are manufactured for the Indian people who can afford financially .Comfort ,convience and luxury basis NONE is better.2 wheel drive or 4x4is youroption depending where you use.Any way you are nor driving in snow there. 2x2 is bit cheap from 4x4 and less maintaince too. It is beter to go for the top varient is the best . So make your final choice from scorpio or safari depending the thickness of your valet.
thank you guys

Answer by John 01 January 2011

I think that innova is a best car...........who says that its like a taxi.It very comfortable and good looking long car with much space.

Answer by Sohn 06 June 2015

Hi ,
Innova or XUV 500?
My proirity
1. Riding comfort ( After 50000KM i need good raiding comfort in our poor road)
2. Safety
3. Interior
4. Maninetance

Please advice..

Answer by Vindeep 07 July 2015
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