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I am planning to buy a hatchback car. I am to choose between Fiat Punto and Skoda fabia. Polo was ok, but it lacks features of the above two. About skoda fabia its a 3 cylinder engine so do you recomand fabia or a punto. Another option that i have is to wait till the diesel hatchback from toyota. my priority is fuel effecient, feature rich than on resale. I plan to use the car for atleast 5years.Do suggest me a good car. Thanks
By Raghu Chickmaglur 12 December 2010

Skoda fabia is the better option.Full german quality throughout ,similar to above 10 lakh cars..20+ mileage..but no resale value

Answer by Fazil 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

I have been using a Fabia for the last two years. Its a great car. But to be honest the service sucks. Its so bad that there will be a point that you just want to just give up the car. Presuming that you want a Diesel, the engine will also start making noise. I had to write to the corporate office each time to get some work done properly. Even then its not done. Now i just get the issues sorted out at the local mechanic - trust me they are far better than the Skoda Service. The Punto High End model is quite rich on features and very fuel efficient. And the new Quadra engine is superb! Toyota will take time to come on the road.

Answer by Joshua 12 December 2010

Ok guys let me answer this question. I have both the Punto and the Polo with me. First of all Mr. fazil skoda is not a German brand. Sorry to inform u that.

I feel polo feels more premium than the Punto. It uses good materials inside but on the sader side lacks equipment compared to Punto Emotion pack.

Both punto & polo are good to drive but polo gives better mileage on city and highway.

Polo doesnt have good rear legroom space but has a bigger boot than fabia and punto.

Polo looks better than the other 2 and it will have better resale as its a better brand.

Fabia is a very good car but the Dealership is worse.

You go for the Punto as it offers more value for money. If you are looking for a cute & Premium car go for the polo.

Answer by Rahul N Nair 12 December 2010

Very honestly if u dnt want want resale value go for punto diesel. i have one and driven 50000 kms. It gives u outrstanding safety and handling which other sedans also do not give. Abt mileage I have taken maximum of 28 kmpl honestly. It touches maximum of 180 kmph easily with four persons. but if u can wait then wait for Etios Diesel never go for Petrol of any model. U may kindly caLL ME FOR PUNTOS FEATURE ANY TIME so that I may be able to explain u in detail.
Raja 9422892534

Answer by Raja 12 December 2010

among your choices, i think fiat punto is best. the only thing it lacks is resale value, i must say fiat cars have poor resale value but if you are going to keep your car for five years then you can go for it.

Answer by Mantra 12 December 2010

Buy any car but not VW,their after sales service is worst than any other car maker atleast in India.Trust me you will have to wait for months to get your normal small things done as all the parts come from Germany!!!Dont feel will suffer like go ahead with a car which will give you peace of mind...brand is afterall a myth which I understand from VW atleast..still you challenge..get a VW agree below my reply at a later stage...

Answer by Som 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

Considering the overall parameters and for long term usage including service network, Fiat Grande Punto would be a better choice.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2010
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