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Which one is better in performance and less maintainance if we are comparing to LPG & Petrol car. Or its is better we buy both facility avilable car (wagonr and Santro ECO)

By Abhilash on Sep 30, 2008


  • Never ever go for any LPG version. It's a pain. First, the LPG cost is always going up. Second, LPG does not give you the fuel economy as said (If pertol gives 15 kms then LPG would mark upto 10 or less in the longrun). Third, LPG kit maintainence cost is a additional burden. Fourth, you sacrifice your boot space for this crap. Suggestion. Consider a diesel option.
    Answer by Benny on Oct 1, 2008

  • saving money on fuel is a relative thing.the important thing is to have a safe and well engineered car.using lpg in a small vehicle is just another manifestation of the Great Indian Madness like our politics and communalism.Buy a wagon r with ABSand SRS air bags.Dont worry about fuel. itis like food Your effective expenditure is less with petrol compared to any other fuel.If you want to travel with a volcano behind your head use lpg and pray to God to save your family from being cooked in gas.Be smart.
    Answer by Poochediyath on Oct 7, 2008

  • You can very well go for LPG conversion. The cost in Chennai is Rs.38 and the petrolis Rs.55.
    I have been using LPG vehicle for the last 10 years and no problem at all. Only thing is you have to use petrol also frequently for small distance otherwise the petrol becomes hard and will spoil the valves.
    Answer by Seshadri on Oct 2, 2008

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