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hello sir, i have a skoda Octavia vRS ( turbocharged petrol- 150bhp) i am interedted in fitting a cng kit on my car, my car gives a mileage of 7-8 kmpl and after the fuel hike its been very expensive to use the car on daily basis. i want to no the ups and downs of fitting a cng kit on my RS and the prices involved, and which one would be the best for my car. thank you Manish K.
By Manish Kumar 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

It wont be a good idea in fitting CNG kit to Octavia as it can affect performance and hence maintenance o fthe car.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2010

Is there any success on the CNG conversion for the Vrs??

Answer by Sandeep 09 September 2013

Even I'm in a dilemma of converting my Octavia Ambiente 2.0 MPI, after this fuel hike it has become meaningless to use it further without a conversion. I guess CNG is better off than LPG. I was told that the octavia needs a highend kit since I dont want to compromise on the performance and its costs around 55 to 60K. My vehicles give me around 9 to 10Kms roughly and I was told that the mileage will be around 14 to 15 after the conversion. The performance wont deteriorate if high quality and powerful components been used for CNG conversion. Please keep me posted about the performance once you do CNG conversion.

Answer by ABHILASH TC 06 June 2012

You Can Go For CNG kit but kit should be high end
GO for CNG no problem
I am using same thing ..

Answer by Pritesh Dalwala 10 October 2012

Sell the car and buy something cheap. Please dont ruin the engine by doing this. Clearly you don't know enough about cars

Answer by Zorro 12 December 2013

For a power of 150PS, the mileage you are getting is pretty decent, cars like i20 which produce just 85PS power gives such mileage n people r happily buying it.

Answer by Kiran 12 December 2013

Skoda Octavia has been launched in a CNG version. Pretty much the same specs in terms of power. A lot of folks have a misconception about CNG because they see it taxis and small inexpensive cars. All cars can run on CNG and I have run my Corolla 90,000kms without one goddamn issue. So, if car freaks tell you CNG is bad for engine, they are the ones who are not inquisitive to learn more.

Answer by Suri 04 April 2021
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