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Hello sir, I intend to buy Maruti Eeco 7 seater but some mechanics say this vehicle still not proved worth on roads and got some stirring problem and even I wanted to buy old Versa Dx-2 version for my family use, but both were negatively quoted by mechanics, and strongly recommended to go for Santro car of any make, So wanted do exchange my old car with new Eeco if not buy Versa, what is your opinion and Versa/Eeco users, please help
By Ramanan 12 December 2010

I have ecco 7 seater (the first in my city about a year old now). But I differ with Pc Sen opinion.
1. There is a lot of difference in comfort from 5 seater. The last row leg space is very less and is not useful for long run.
2. The seven seater has any space left for luggage.
3. With 7 seater lacks the power and is a real fuel guzzler.
4. The suspension is horrible and the 3rd row seater will complain on Indian road.
5. The 7 seater has no A/c and the company said the engine will not able to take the load.
6. The sliding doors are a horrible thing.
7. Maruti being the highest seller of cars the dealer are always full with customer and any problem is just postponed without real work done.


Answer by Rajesh Sudhir Halyal 12 December 2010

Dear Mr Ramanan
I have bought an EECO 5 Seater with AC / Heater as a second car recently ( two weeks / 800 KM). I have no complaints till date. It a very roomy car with plenty of space for my very energetic dog and for carrying bulky luggage whenever required ( Airport /Railway Station / market etc). You just do not have to think twice before heading for these places. However it can not be compared to a Santro. The response of Santro is faster and the ride may be quieter and more comfortable, the EECO (especially the 5 seater) score in the area of availability of space. However I am basically using it a utility vehicle being most affordable vehicle in its class. I would recommend buy the vehicle keeping the end use in mind. Specific areas like pulling power , ease of handling,ergonomics, suspension/steering/brake/lights/display/turning radius etc would require detailed discussion. May contact me on E mail. The mechanics are right, being a new car reliability of this vehicle is not yet fully proven.

Answer by Pc Sen 12 December 2010
Expert`s comment:

Eeco is a good selection as a reliable utility hatchback with spacious interiors worth going for the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 12 December 2010

Go for versa 8 seater becoz i m having since 5 years & i m also having CNG & no maintainance so go for Versa DX2 and i think its the best car & value for Money so go for it & not for Eco

Answer by Jai 12 December 2010

Mr Rajesh is right 5 seater (I own ) is better than the underpowered 7 seater.5 Seater gives 10kmpl in 2nd and occasional 3rd in city with 30% time A/c run.Highways cruising at 70kmph I got 17 with a/c running 80 % time
with 2 on board with four travel bags.Front extended nose does not contain the engine (Hope it had-Suzuki does not have enough brains to install one )neither it has stronger sheet metal ,I doubt if it can with stand 45 degree offset crash test.Design proportions are not adequate it should have been atleat 150mm wider and 150mm shorter,and same level floor plan from front to back (three levels right now with CO2 welded sheets).Suspension damper-springs are not tuned yet as is steering linkages ,looks like suzuki R&D awaiting customer feedback or they might have sent the reports to Parent company and are awaiting their replies to change the design (A normal work culture in suzuki )
Indeed the space is plenty but see it closely most of the space is vertical and not use able, only ambiance is created for spacy looks (This is basically a luggage van called CARRY ,or Every in Japan used to carry material not Humans .They tried their best to sell this in India as Versa for 5 lacs each 10 years ago and people realised the stuff and rejected.Now they are giving it at realistic 3lacs ex show room.Buy this if you like some thing 20% more safer than Omni or else buy a santro which has better engine and sfaety r if you have 80K more simply buy a Indica Vista

Answer by Guru 04 April 2011

I purchased new ecco car last 1.5 year recently one problem is last door is not complete closed automatically give me solution.

Answer by Dinesh 08 August 2016
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