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where to buy cheap spare part of Maruti car in Delhi. In my case the front Head Light Of my Wagon R is costing me Rs.3500 per Piece, whereas I just wanted to change the broken glass, but the dealers are saying that the glass is not available, and I have to buy the full Headlight. Kindly rescue me...

By George on Sep 30, 2008


  • Expert Hi,

    Sorry for the trouble .As a mater of fact head light assy comes as a mould .Once Fiber plastic is broken only alternative is to replace whole assy.For external damages It can not be claimed in warranty also.If you fit non genuine parts , it wont work for long. Hence We recommend you to go for MGP.Eventhough it seems like costlier , it would be useful for long duration.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Sep 30, 2008

  • hi george,,,these small isuues are not a problem,,as advised by the expert no doubt that MGP is the best possible option,,but i would still advise you to take a trip to kashmiri gate market,,,trust me u'll get the answer to your question in half the amount you mentioned.n still if you want the cheapest you can even ride to mayapuri,to find some suitable secondhand option to your replacement,,may be they can even try to repair your broken ligt too,,tk care,,hope i proove to be some help,,,
    Answer by Aman Gera on Oct 1, 2008

  • Hi George, Adding to what Aman said, I changed my Santro Backlight for Rs 350/- + Labour Charges Rs 100/- But the above price is applicable only when you will give your old headlight. Hope this info will happy you in money wise if you go to kashmiri gate or mayapuri...

    Siddharth Mittal
    Answer by Siddharth Mittal on Oct 1, 2008

  • where to buy cheap spare part of Maruti car in mumbai.
    Answer by Shyam Gupta on Oct 1, 2008

  • I want to change 1 Nos Front Head Light & Back Bumper of my Wagon R LXI Model.

    Any one help to give phone no/ mobile no of SPARE PART DEALER IN DELHI.
    Answer by Rajesh JAIN on Dec 13, 2010

  • Hii George
    I am surprised that you are facing trouble finding spare parts of Maruti in the automotive hub of India, Delhi. There are many aftermarket parts dealer there which are authorized sellers of brands like Depo for Head/Tail lamps, Monroe/Gabriel shocks, Delphi brake pads, NGK spark plugs and many others like that. Yes, it requires a bit search but it is not a difficult task in delhi. I am sharing one link where you can find all the details of aftermarket brands that manufactures compnents compatible with Maruti.
    Answer by Sumit Tripathi on Jan 20, 2016

  • Hi, I meet an accident & the front part of mySWIFT VXI asta has been damage now .The new bumper cost and colour gary.
    Answer by Puneet on Feb 11, 2016

  • Hi
    I need to replace my OLD Swift Sep 2010 Model, front and rear bumpers. Can you guide any dealers in Delhi where I can get cheap bumpers
    Answer by Nitesh on May 18, 2018

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